Churchill Deconstructed

Churchill’s own holocaust.  The untold story of The Bengal famine 1943, killing 4 million people.  There seems to be a lot more history yet to come out, which is very different from the version we were all taught at school.

In the David Irving clip below, Churchill’s own quote was that ”the truth is so fragile that it has to be protected by a bodyguard of lies”.  He lied that Hitler was intending to attack the British Empire, in order to keep the war going.  Hitler always maintained that he had no wish to fight the British.  He offered to withdraw his armies from France, Poland and Czechoslovakia to bring peace with us.  But once America was in the war, it was too late to make peace with Hitler.

By the end of the war there was the need to hide the fact that the war we had fought was a worthless mistake, which had ruined the country and lost our empire.  Power yielded to the Americans, whose power we fell into, out of the need to win the war with Hitler that Churchill insisted we keep fighting.  This gave rise to the myth which began in 1945 creating Hitler as an exceptional mass murderer,so that that could be made the reason for the war’s inevitability.  David Irving says that he, having no formal position in a university, is free to question the orthodox version of history, and in this clip, he explains how and why he does that, most successfully.

Churchill was acting in the interests of the bankers, who wanted the war to start and to keep going longer, and thereby,  bring an end to the British Empire and establish the power of communism across the globe.  So much for the great speeches we all were told saved our country.  They were works of propaganda easily the match of Goebbels.

Thanks to Derek in comments.  It’s interesting, and worth a look.

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  1. Robin says:

    So what happened to the plans of these secret powerful bankers then ? They never got the world to be Bolshevist after 1945 and it has slipped back even further from their plans now .

  2. Tapestry says:

    It’s happening to the USA and Europe so fast that you can see it happening now, Robin. Dumbing down of education, increasing state powers, total media control, massive indebtedness to crush the energy of our economies.

    We have fallen for it. We work for the bankers. They desire to hold onto their power, and stop us from becoming wealthy, healthy and aware of who they are and what they are doing.

    The USA has been penetrated from top to bottom, and so have we.

  3. Tapestry says:

    via email from gillian

    W. Churchill this a subject that I do know a little about. But not from History books that portray him as a hero!

    To explain briefly. During the early 1930’s (way before I was born) my late father who was then a very young man
    worked as a chauffer to one of the Fleet Street newspaper barons. During that time my dad became privy (unwittingly
    and reluctantly, I believe) to quite a few things the newspaper people knew about, but were not allowed to print of course.
    One of these subjects was Churchill. Or as my dad referred to him “that war mongering old turncoat” It was common knowledge
    in Fleet Street that Churchill was determined to lead this country into war with Germany and was using every trick in the book to ensure it happened.

    Another open secret at that time also was about Edward (v111) and his affiliation with the Nazi Party in Germany and the fact
    that his (later) abdication was much more about that, than his relationship with Mrs. Simpson, who just happened to come along
    at the right time and provide a very good reason for Edward’s abdication!

    what a coincidence!


    I realise there’s nothing much “new” in what I’ve written. But maybe it might add a little bit of the flavour (for want of a better word) of those times, the 1930’s to what you’ve posted recently about Churchill, which was very interesting, terribly sad and even sadder still, not hugely surprising.

    The fact that this man Churchill is held officially in such high regard is even further evidence, I think, of governments then and now, real agenda i.e. depopulation and all the other plans they have in store for anyone who isn’t one of the elite. Churchill was never a popular man pre-war or post-war. His co-called popularity and hero status was totally invented.

    P.S. Just seen on the news that NATO have just murdered one of Gaddafi’s sons’ and three of his grandchildren. That is sickening news. It is also illegal according to the current terms of their so-called mandate. But, I don’t suppose that will trouble them unduly.

  4. Robin says:

    So Churchill was evil and Hitler good ?!

  5. Tapestry says:

    If you say so. I merely attempt to rebalance the historical record whereby we were told that Churchill was a hero, and Hitler was an evil madman. There were other significant players orchestrating the events of the 20th century who previously many, including me, were unaware of, just as the story-tellers intend.

    Central bankers, financiers, media, industrial cartels – exactly the same players who are at work today creating the single world state that is their aim.

    The world has never seen a single government before, with all power at its disposal. The prospect is truly terrifying. The list of victims will stretch from the tens of millions to the billions, as they put their Agenda for the 21st Century into effect.

  6. Robin says:

    So how long have they been trying a One World Government and why ?

  7. Tapestry says:

    You should read or watch The Brotherhood Of Darkness on, Robin.

    Cecil Rhodes started it off in modern times, and his secret manoeuvring brought about WW1.

    But it’s taken two or three leaps forward since then.

    You can’t understand modern history without reading this.

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