HAARP And Chemtrails – The Weaponisation Of Tectonic Energy

This video is an interview with a scientist, Leuren Moret who believes that the nuclear ”accident” in Japan is the result of tectonic nuclear warfare.  This is a deadly serious discussion suggesting that the earthquake was not a natural earthquake, but a ”modified natural earthquake”.  It was initiated by external energy, not generated by the fault line itself, and as such was caused by deliberately used weaponry.

Being American, this scientist uses about ten times more words to get her point across than might be entirely necessary.  But she speaks clearly and well, and there is no doubting her meaning.  In 2010 and 2011the world is experiencing weather and tectonic warfare.

This opinion conflicts with that of Piers Corbin in the previous post.

The interview also covers chemtrails.  These started in 1999 and have since converted the earth’s atmosphere into a plasma, which reflects HAARP transmissions.

www.peaceinspace.org shows the application of HAARP in triggering tectonic events, including China, Haiti and Chile.

Why, asks the interviewer does the scientist consider the Japanese event was tectonic warfare?  She replies that on September 10th 2001, the day before 911, FEMA predicted three disasters – one a terrorist event in NYC, which happened the next day.  They also predicted a hurricane disaster in New Orleans, which happened in 2005.  There is an image from NASA of ionising energy coming down from space on one side of the hurricane, which is how they drag the hurricane around like on a wand.

HAARP was used on 911, and in Hurricane Catrina.  There was also a prediction there would be an earthquake disaster on the USA’s west coast, which would also affect a nuclear power plant on the west coast.

In 2006 Westinghouse and GE, owned by the Rockefellers, sold their nuclear power plants to Hitachi.  These are the people benefiting from HAARP’s use.   More suspicious circumstances are mentioned.  Japan stated the earthquake was a 9.0 or 9.1, which is the biggest earthquake in 150 years.  The USA reported it was a 6.7, then a 7.1 then a 7.3.  Then 7.9.  Then 8.9.  Finally a week later they admitted it was a 9.0.  This was politicised reporting.

This event was the equivalent of 1 million of the two WW2 atom bombs combined.  There is bound to another high intensity earthquake ahead of us, as the zone adjusts to effects of this huge quake.

The nuclear fall-out from the earthquake event in Japan is going to affect the whole of the Northern hemisphere.   A 30 foot wave hit Fukushima, and knocked out the cooling of the plant.  Within 90 minutes of cooling being deactivated, the plant went into meltdown.  The water was put back on the next day and came into contact with superhot melted fuel pellets, creating zirconium oxide and hydrogen.  The hydrogen floated up into the roof and exploded, blowing away from the roof on Unit 1, and damaged the cooling pool, so that water in the pools was leaking exposing the rods which started burning.

These created a huge radioactive cloud releasing the same material that comes out of a nuclear bomb after it explodes.  There were 72 lbs of uranium per rod and 60X400 rods in Unit 1.  That’s the equivalent of 96,000 nuclear bombs in just one reactor.

There are 600,000 spent fuel rods in the cooling pools.  It is complete insanity.  It’s being released into the atmosphere.

On March 18th it was reported that anyone exposed in the plant would be dead within a very short period of time.  Also on March 18th in the Bay Area there was heavy chemtrailing all day.  Then there were storms, and a tornado warning was given out.  California gets 14 inches a year normally.  It is now getting at least an inch every day.

There are at least 17 HAARP locations around the planet.  Chemtrails are used as electromagnetic frequency mirrors.  They can transmit HAARP signals which bounce off the chemtrail mirrors which can send HAARP all the way around the world.  HAARP is an integrated global system, which can shoot from anywhere.

The purpose of all the rain is the ensure the fall-out from the nuclear explosion in Japan is maximised in California.  The nuclear fall-out is spreading across the Pacific, across Japan.  Almost all of it rains down in the next 2 and a half months.

In the USA there are two operating nuclear power plants in Southern California, on the same fault lines that the Japanese ones were sitting on.  The Diablo Canyon and the San Onofre plants are very vulnerable to a big earthquake, as has been predicted by FEMA.

High tides can trigger earthquakes, according to Jim Berklin.  October, March and April are the biggest months.  Animals can sense the rising electromagnetic forces as an earthquake approaches.  When the lost animals notices go up in the newspaper, it means animals are running away and hiding.   Lunar effects add to the stresses in an earthquake zone.  Beaching of fish and whales indicates that electromagnetic stresses are rising.

In the week before the Sumatra earthquake, a group of women indicated that they couldn’t concentrate at work and their heads were scrambled.  Once the earthquake took place, their heads cleared.  Is that an indication of HAARP?  She clearly thinks so, but did she prove her case in this video?  Not really.  She rambles too much and doesn’t deliver any killer points that prove her case.

If this a new form of warfare, who is it between?  OK it’s an oil/banking cartel running a totalitarian state who want to reduce the world’s population.  But who is the enemy?

If it’s an elite deliberately exterminating the population of the planet, how will they survive themselves?

It nearly makes sense, but someone could surely explain these events better than this tape.

How about this next candidate, again from Derek in comments below, a German physicist who sees that the Fukushima release is not as bad as Leuren is saying .  First Derek’s comment –

Begging Leuren’s pardon, I spelt her name wrong. Since I commented, I have listened to the whole interview, and found it more than a little hard to bear. I had not realised there were so many “umms” in the American language. Moreover, whilst having been impressed with her interviews with Regina on CMN, I am less so here. However, I am not a scientist, though this chap is: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/03/20/a-plea-for-a-return-to-science-on-the-nuclear-power-issue/#more-36323


The current debate in Germany is also a debate on freedom of research. The stigmatization and ostracism of nuclear energy, the demand for an immediate stop of its use, is also the demand for the end of its research and development. No job possibilities also means no students, which means no faculty, which then means the end of the growth of our knowledge. Stopping nuclear energy is nothing less than rejecting the legacy of Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr and all others. It is tantamount to scrapping it, labelling it as dangerous – all in a fit of ignorance. And just as creationists attempt to ban the theory of evolution from the school books, it almost seems as if every factual and neutral explanation in Germany is now in the process of being deleted.

The media suggests a nuclear catastrophe, a mega-meltdown, and that the apocalypse has already begun. It is almost as if the 10,000 deaths in Japan were actually victims of nuclear energy, and not the earthquake or the tsunami. Here again one has to remind us that Fukushima was first hit by an unimaginable 9.0 earthquake and then by a massive 10-meter wave of water just an hour later. As a result, the facility no longer found itself in a highly technological area, but surrounded by a desert of rubble. All around the power plant the infrastructure, residential areas, traffic routes, energy and communication networks are simply no longer there. They were wiped out. Yet, after an entire week, the apocalypse still has not come to pass. Only relatively small amounts of radioactive materials have leaked out and have had only a local impact. If one considers the pure facts exclusively, i.e. only the things we really know, then it exposes the unfounded interpretations of scientific illiterates in the media.    (translated from German)

This too seems a bit off the mark.  The numbers of extra deaths downwind of Three Mile Island over the next twenty years were estimated at 250,000.   I was told by a doctor that the medical effects of nuclear contamination are usually noticeable in the thyroid.  If your thyroid is normal and healthy, you don’t suffer any effects from nuclear contamination.  In children rates of leukaemia rise around nuclear plants.  I imagine there will be a highly significant increase in these two known effects from the Fukushima releases.

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  1. Derek says:

    I listened to Loren Moret on a couple of interviews hosted by the Conscious Media Network website. In both, she was eloquent and clearly well informed. The questions now arise as to how much either Piers Corbyn and Loren Moret know about, and are familiar with each others work? I feel sure neither are government sponsored as they both have things to say against government activities, and both contradict the ‘official’ story lines.

    The forces of mankind have indeed become great – far greater than the vast majority of lay people – all of us – have assumed. Where does this end?

  2. Derek says:

    Begging Leuren’s pardon, I spelt her name wrong.

    Since I commented, I have listened to the whole interview, and found it more than a little hard to bear. I had not realised there were so many “umms” in the American language. Moreover, whilst having been impressed with her interviews with Regina on CMN, I am less so here. However, I am not a scientist, though this chap is:


  3. Tapestry says:

    Is she right that chemtyrails are being used to keep HAARP operational?

  4. Derek says:

    My post is defined as too long. So Part 1 of 2:

    Chemtrails – Who knows? What are they? Why are they being sprayed? If they are as conjectured, fine metallic particles, it could to a lay-persons mind be something that could be used in conjunction with electrical discharges into the atmosphere and the journo’s and bloggers have manna from heaven. But where is the proof? What evidence do we have of any such ability or effect? Is it the ‘smoking gun’? Or is someone puffing into the breech.

    There is spoken of a ‘plasma’ covering the Globe, but a plasma in physics is a gas. There must be many workers who are involved with servicing and loading aircraft with the containers of materials being sprayed from large aircraft – someone will know what it is, surely it cannot be that secret? It’s not like it’s one man doing stuff in his garden shed? (Even Guinea Pigs were subject to a Police raid after a helicopter thermo image of heat from within a garden shed as it was suspected the heat source was for cultivating Marijuana plants! The Pigs were not amused, and had to apologise for, and compensate for intrusion and damage!)

    HAARP may be devised as an anti missile device. If by spraying metallic particles in the atmosphere it is intended to ‘label’ any such missile for easier targetting, might that be one ‘idea’. Or are they seeking to create a defensive program against Extra Terrestrial space fleets now that the planet is coming out of its intergalactic quarantine? Can you prove it not so? Can you disprove/prove there is a God?

    These HAARP sites are well guarded and off limits to civilians as seen on Jesse Ventura’s program (there’s a showman for you!). Usually such bases that are for military uses are like this, but in most cases everyone and his dog knows pretty well what goes on within.

    One other alternative that springs to mind is that if you wanted to create a huge bluff to impress with a capability of moving heaven and Earth – as a threat – you would also want to keep all and sundry from knowing what was in any particular facility. Somehow this idea does not sit comfortably within the mind. We simply do not know.

  5. Derek says:

    Part 2 of 2:

    What we have become privy to in the foregoing decades, is the plethora of information over the ‘Information Superhighway’, what a breeding ground for crackpots, theorists, as well as genuine scientific debate and knowledge distribution. If we were back in the late 1940’s into the 1950’s with such information, would not the populace at large be considering that the development of the steam engine and the smoke from same and so many coal fires was but a plan to eradicate the human race, and deliver it back to the Apes? Instead, we brought in the ‘Clean Air Act’ and London’s/Glasgow’s/you name it Cities had their air cleaner and more healthy. People jog and cycle the once fog bound streets, and can fish in the Thames.

    That there are cabals intent on devious plans, there is no doubt. That the Globe is affected by the actions of the Sun and Moon is also in no doubt. The latter is scientifically predictable, and I would ask readers to examine such information that exists in the following websites when contemplating the abilities and effects of mankind and of Nature – be one subservient to the other or not:

    More links and information than you can shake a stick at, yet do we not cling to what we wish to believe?




    Make sure you watch both these videos, and note the dates and places spoken of. Was this man controlling a HAARP device to make such accurate predictions?

    And pictures of Japan’s industrious Nation. A road torn assunder by the Earthquake on the 11th March, and another SIX DAYS later.

    Are we not an amazing species?

  6. Derek says:

    Just watched a video by someone who calls herself 9Nania. Posted on the 9th of March:

    It includes a short interbview with Professor Kaku.

    There are more videos by this person, and I wonder if this ‘Comet’ is in fact the predicted arrival of Nibiru, or Planet X.

    Have fun.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t really follow Loren Moret or Piers Corbyn for that matter largely due to the nonsense they talk. It’s sad, because I do think they are very intelligent individuals and I’m certain they have much to share.

    The continual misinformation and blatant lies about chemtrails in particular as well as HAARP clearly indicates they have no understanding of the atmosphere, propagation or engineering.

    The earthquake in Japan may be many things and is an extremely serious matter. However it has nothing whatsoever to do with HAARP or chemtrails. Both are being used as cover for something else.

    I do accept that many of you might not agree. If that is you I seriously urge that you spend some time understanding the atmosphere and its composition. When you do you will then be able to spot the misinformation.

    Take care folks…

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