War Rumours Money-Making Game For Insiders

Who gains from so many wars?  Suppliers of military equipment, and suppliers of other military needs.  Less obvious is the position of insiders who know what’s going to hit the news feed before anyone else does.  Oil can rise or fall two per cent on a rumour, enabling insiders to cash in huge daily profits by knowing in advance which rumours are going to be let loose next.
Global Research

The war directed against Libya would push the price of crude oil up to abysmally high levels, potentially triggering a global inflationary spiral, which would result in the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.
A sizeable increase in the price of oil over a prolonged period would wreak economic havoc: production and transportation costs would increase dramatically. Hikes in the costs of fuel and energy would trigger a renewed string of bankruptcies in major sectors of economic activity. They would also contribute to a sizeable increase in the external debt of developing countries.

These price hikes, which are already ongoing, would occur despite the abysmally low costs of  Middle East oil. 
What this means is that powerful institutional speculators on Wall Street with links to the US military and intelligence establishment will cash in on billions of dollars in speculative gains not only in the oil market but also in the commodity and foreign exchange markets.

This money is appropriated from households which must now pay a higher price for fuel. 
A “humanitarian war” would be “good for business”. It serves the interests of the institutional speculators, it contributes to a further process of appropriation of money wealth.

Financial institutions which had prior knowledge or intelligence of events in Egypt and Libya have already made billions of dollars in speculative gains in the futures and options markets for crude oil.
These global financial and banking institutions, which “placed their bets” several months ago, have “a vested interest in war”.  The greater the turmoil and disruption of the crude oil market, the greater the speculative gains. Short term speculative gains due to market volatility are also part of this process. Foreknowledge of the sequence of political or military events and how they affect markets as well as control and/or manipulation of financial news pertaining to these events are an essential part of the betting process.
In this regard we are dealing the with workings of the World’s commodity exchanges, the most important of which is the powerful CME Group created following the merger of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).

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Political Rumors and Fake Information

The spreading of rumors and fake information is also a profitable undertaking particularly in relation to short-term movements of commodity markets: 

…a rumor that Libya’s long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi had been shot tore across the commodities market, sending U.S. crude oil futures down more than two percent. Other rumors have had similar immediate and sweeping effects, even without real changes in actual oil production or reserves. The cause is oil speculators, such as hedge funds, who buy and sell commodities, profiting by betting on short-term price changes.

These traders are making money on quick movement, wagering on rumors and market blips. They are buying and quickly re-selling commodities they have no intention of actually holding or using. Their opportunism is once again hitting working-class families across the country, increasing the burden on small business owners and farmers,…. (Rep. Joe Courtney: Market Speculators and the Real Cost of Oil, Huffington Post, March 16, 2011)

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  1. Tapestry says:

    That’s about $1000 per missile. They fire 100, that’s $100,000. Big deal!

    The effects of the loss of life and limb, poisoned environments from munitions will last hundreds of years. The bastards who are doing all this only care about their power and their profits.

    The world is ruled by a demonic sect, who fear their position might be lost to others so much that they poison the ground of the country they invade. They fear the troops they send into battle the most, as they know the only way they can lose their position is to the military, so they ensure all military personnel are poisoned to boot.

    The gulf wars poisoned 250,000 US and allied servicemen deliberately. They now will poison another 250,000 to ensure the military forces are rendered ineffectual once they’ve brought Libya’s oil under their control.

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