The War Against Humanity

Two OWG Insiders who expect pay-off for delivery

People don’t understand the New World Order.  The reason is that they think that people who have lots of money only want to make more money.  In a way that’s right.  They do.  But what is not accessible to most people viewing the changes that are happening in the world, is the level of wealth enjoyed by the elite.  It is unimaginable to ordinary people.  There is no point in trying to arrive at a figure.  The powerful in the world exist beyond and above national boundaries, and have exercised cartelised monopolies for over a hundred years controlling the world’s biggest industries, like oil, chemicals and finance.  Unimaginable is the only word that gets close to suggesting the scale of private wealth that exists at the top of the pyramid.

People who have that much money and power, don’t think the same way that ordinary people think.  Starting a war in somewhere like Iraq or Libya seems merely part of the routine.  Actions like 911 and 7/7 are not thought of as anything unusual.  In the early part of the twentieth century the owners of private wealth funded and controlled the Bolsheviks as long as they complied with the bankers’ requirements, just as they funded Hitler twenty years later.  Wall Street funded the Vietcong to fight against the US, and supported Soviet Russia throughout its long existence.  The USSR was called ‘The Best Enemy We Can Afford” by the NWO, who needed to stop America the nation from getting too far ahead of all others, and kept in her place.  The secret cabal that controlled America and the world saw only their own interests throughout the last century, just as they do today.

Big money unattached to any nation requires warfare to provide leverage to control the world, a way to orientate the activities of lesser beings, and have something to be in control of and profit from.

International wars are only one aspect of this.  Internal wars are equally efficacious in keeping others from rising up to become equally powerful with the cartelised monopolies that control the world.  Terrorists are funded and given assistance.  False terrorism is created to keep whole societies in fear and unable to think of organising themselves to take greater control, or aspire to better things.  Nations have to kept in their place one way or another, either by fighting each other, or by being rotted from within.

As societies have become wealthier, and as the modern world has leaped into being, on the back of communications technology and computers, the need to crush the surging levels of general wealth is being felt urgently by the monopolists who have manipulated the world’s key events for over a century.  Power only exists when no one else has access to it.  The world is coming up too quickly, and political aspirations are growing too fast.  The powerful now desire one thing above all others – to crush everyone back down once more, to ensure that their position of power and privilege is maintained.  And to these ends they have again turned to communist-minded people, who desire power over others as an end in itself, to bring about yet more social catastrophe in the current time, just as they did a hundred years ago in Russia, and later in China.

That is the bit that people don’t get.  Most are aware of conspiracy theories about secretive bodies that control the world.  Most are aware that the media is controlled and talks from a biased viewpoint.  They know that things are not quite as they are presented.  But they assume that the people in the background are in some way benign and have a caring side to their nature, and that the One World Government, if it even exists, is basically a force for good.  And that political systems are able to control the powerful in some way.

That is the point.  Political systems are not in control.  The OWG are not benign and they have their own very specific programmes.   It is not for nothing that the first country being sized up for a crushing of its people is the USA, where the spirit of enterprise has gone too far for the tastes of people used to being in control of all that moves.

There is an attempt taking place to crush democracy and enterprise, ram people back into feudal serfdom, and, in addition, to reduce the numbers of humans living on the planet, especially richer people.  It is nothing less than a war on humanity being carried out by a tiny elite that sees power slipping away from its fingers.  I describe what I mean under Tapestry’s Politics in the left hand column.  Read it.  And see if you can see the actions of a powerful elite bringing destruction and misery down on the globe either now or in the months and years ahead.  You won’t see these actions reported intelligibly in the main media.  You will need to keep an eye out to other sources, and to your own instinctive reactions.  Listen to those and not the voices of the media.

Turn off your TV and radio, where murder is made to sound respectable.  By listening, you are permitting the manipulation of your own mind, and helping the elite to kill and destroy the lives of innocent people in seemingly far off places, which are in fact only a few hours away.  Turn to the internet which you control, and where your own voice and mind can be heard.

The military industrial complex profits from war.  The only reason wars happen is because the people are docile, dumbed down and manipulated by the media.  The news is an advert by people making money from killing innocent people, and you are listening to it, and enjoying it.

Does the world really have to carry on like this?  Can’t we try another way?

People need to read the plans of the United Nations for the whole world, under Agenda 21 and Habitat 2.  And to understand how far these programmes are intended to destroy our way of life.  Mankind is under threat, as never before, from political and jealous-minded people, who want trouble.  The world is sleep-walking, unaware, wrongly trusting in an authority that is plotting our demise.  Political leaders are motivated by their being promised a position on the inside for themselves and their families.  They are bought.  Don’t be fooled.  Start to defend yourself by finding out what they truly intend for you and your children, and talk to each other.

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  1. Very well put! Have nicked and linked, hope you don’t mind.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I’m the most bubonic plagiarist on the net, Blaize. Copy away. Be my guest. (b.p. was originally said of David Frost by Peter Cooke!)

  3. stedra rulz says:

    30 millon smackers. I have a sneaking suspicion that that money will be worth nothing to Blair, if the NWO gets its way.

  4. Tapestry says:

    ….the thirty pieces of silver never seem quite so valuable once they’re acquired, I guess. The price of trust lost is higher to pay than they imagined.

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