UKIP-type Parties Surging In France And Finland

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Le Monde reports that last weekend’s cantonal elections in France saw the rise of the Front National, with an estimated national average of 15.26% of votes. In an interview with Greek newspaper Kathimerini on Sunday, FN leader Marine Le Pen said that she wanted France, Greece, Spain and Portugal to abandon the euro because the single currency failed to bring prosperity.
Meanwhile, according to a poll commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat, one month ahead of parliamentary elections Finland’s populist True Finns Party received an approval rating of 18.4% – a significant increase from the 4.1% of votes it received in the 2007 elections. 
That is more than significant.  It is unparalelled.  The rise in UKIP’s support in the UK continues to surprise.  With Cameron sold out on all fronts to the One World Government, the EU and anything which looks like me-too Blairism, the trend can only go one way.
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