Scotland’s Shame. Why Is Shropshire Council Acting Illegally To Protect The Guilty?

Latest video from Robert Green, who insists he is keeping strictly to provable facts, in exposing this story of the torture and rape of children and the disabled by state officials.  Why, one wonders, is Shropshire Council involving itself in helping the guilty to escape justice?

Original post and thread where the story was first told,  here.

Robert Green writing to The Tap yesterday

Yesterday, a video was released of my attempt on Saturday to interview Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill about the Hollie Greig case.

Google in Robert Green Kenny MacAskill for viewing.

This cover up goes right to the top in Scotland.

Why on earth did Shropshire Council want to become involved?

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2 Responses to “Scotland’s Shame. Why Is Shropshire Council Acting Illegally To Protect The Guilty?”

  1. robert green says:

    Hello Tapestry,

    A great deal has been going on behind the scenes in both Scotland and Shropshire over the past few months.

    In Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond has been exposed by legal magazine The Firm with its headline of 11th July First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations, followed by another article on 15th July.

    In Shropshire, Shrewsbury psychologist Carolyn McQueen is facing an investigation by her professional body over Hollie`s case and a local GP may soon be facing serious disciplinary action in direct connection with Shropshire council`s appalling attack and conspiracy against Hollie and her mother.

    The Council are still withholding vital documents from the Court.

    Robert Green

  2. robert green says:

    The Scottish edition of the Sunday Express has just published a full page(13)on the Hollie Greig case

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