Polling Arithmetic Presages Coming Conservative UKIP Alliance (without Cameron of course)

Polling reports suggest Lib Dem support is now consistently under 10%, and UKIP is pushing up to 6-7%.  Those of us who blogged that UKIP would be ahead of the Lib Dems by 2015 don’t look quite so foolish as others suggested.  Just another couple of wretched EU news, which is guaranteed, could see the overtaking of the Lib Dems by UKIP within a year.  Many of UKIP’s new supporters are ex-Lib Dems.

The Conservatives would only make a majority with UKIP inside the electoral tent.  It’s time to look beyond the collapsed Lib Dem coalition and get ready for what’s coming next, the UKCP.


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One Response to “Polling Arithmetic Presages Coming Conservative UKIP Alliance (without Cameron of course)”

  1. Scottie says:

    There’s a surprising amount of overlap between the Lib Dems & UKIP. If you remove UKIP’s obsession with Europe they are remarkably left wing.

    Their manifesto promises electoral reform, a massive increase in income tax, huge public works projects, an increase in public sector workers and the encouragement of electric vehicles.

    Perhaps they’re not as cranky as I first thought.


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