The OWG Ramps Up The Pressure On Tokyo

Why are the British government advising its nationals to leave Tokyo, where, otherwise, most things go on much as normal?  Why are Americans being told to keep more distant from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant than Japanese citizens?  Why is the Yen being aggressively bought by international financiers forcing the Japanese government to rally to its defence, sending it back down again?  And why are Japanese shares being sold heavily but not European or American stock markets?  One reason is that the rising Yen puts enormous economic pressure onto Japanese businesses.

It is all ramping up political and financial pressure on the Japanese government.  To add to the threat of earthquakes being triggered by HAARP, the One World Government wants to demonstrate to Tokyo and Beijing that it controls the world, and that the OWG’s views and requests cannot be ignored with impunity.
It’s all more evidence of a bullying, uncooperative attitude from America to Japan.  Where are the warm words of support from the West, and the reassurances that Japan must be helped through this crisis?  I don’t see any.  Calling your nationals to come home is about as aggressive a stance as could possible be taken by Britain, the One World Government’s number one stooge, and is deeply humiliating to Tokyo.

I am not proud.  Japanese culture is deeply cooperative, and the casual war-making of the One World Government, as currently evidenced in Libya, is abhorrent to them.  I doubt the Japanese will allow themselves to be bullied into submission by HAARP, economic attacks and political slights.  They are a deeply proud nation.  The OWG is clearly worried by Japan’s belief in its own ideas.  But attacking Japan is just as likely to see Japan stand firm and move further apart from its former colonial power, and towards an even more independent viewpoint.

From Plato on Politicalbetting –

No more British flights out of Japan are planned after Sunday.

Rather ominously, the FCO are warning Brits in Japan that there are “no flights planned after Sunday”

     by Plato March 18th, 2011 at 01:21
My reaction to that is that it is unnecessarily adding to the panic.  Flights could go in and out from any number of locations if Tokyo is problematic, which it isn’t.  It’s all an attempt to keep the pressure on in Tokyo.  
This reminds me of the BP explosion and its aftermath.  These tragic environmental ”accidents” serve the purposes of the OWG’s programmes – especially the depopulation programme.  The media manipulation is calibrated to bring everyone into line and obey the great god of Wall St.  
Once the OWG has brought Japan to heel, the fact that millions are being poisoned will fall away from the media reports as if it never happened.  It is of course the aim in the first place, as it was with the BP oil crisis.  In Florida tens of thousands are being poisoned weekly by chemicals supposedly sprayed to clean up the mess.  There are no warnings being given to unsuspecting holidaymakers heading for the beaches.  
The contaminated sea food is being fed to US military personel.  
The decision to push ahead with more aggressive depopulation strategies has clearly been taken.
Why are the Japanese trusting the Americans?

U.S. to evacuate Americans out of Japan (March 17)
Adm. Robert Willard, who commands U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii, told Pentagon reporters during a press conference Thursday evening that the United States, in a worst-case scenario, would be prepared to evacuate as many as 87,300 U.S. citizens, including military personnel and family members from Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

Americans (OWG) are preparing to do a Carthage to Tokyo.  Charming.  The real message is to the Chinese is, in effect – 
”See what we do to our allies when they don’t measure up.  Do you really want to be our enemy?”
The word ‘biblical’ to describe these scenarios continues to suggest itself.
And finally here’s a classic
REUTERSFLASH ReutersBreakingNews
W.H.O. says radiation spread in Japan is localized, not harmful to human health – China W.H.O. rep.

Coming next –
Radiation is good for you.

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4 Responses to “The OWG Ramps Up The Pressure On Tokyo”

  1. george says:

    ” To add to the threat of earthquakes being triggered by HAARP “
    I don’t understand why you keep repeating this falsehood. There are hundreds of texts that would explain to you the 1,000 yr cycle of major earthquakes on this particular faultline. I was taught and shown the evidence at school about 30yrs ago.
    Are you saying that the NWO was using HAARP thousands of years ago ?
    South America was once joined to South Africa. Are you implying that their seperation over 4billion years was triggered by HAARP billions of years ago ?

  2. Tapestry says:

    I remember looking at maps at school wondering why the continents looked like they would fit like a glove if they were moved into each other. The tectonic plates theory explained that question in my mind which must have been from aged eight or so.

    But a succession of floods and earthquakes in short succession needs another explanation. Over 4 billion years I would accept all as nature’s work but not over twelve months.

    That combined with political behaviour, and evidence from other sources that earthquakes are being used as a threat to bring OWG rebels into line, gives me that.

    I am willing to close my mind to a theory that answers the question of how so many events can take place in rapid succession, until there is a better one.

  3. Twig says:

    I saw a TV documentary many years ago which explained that the Japanese had been expecting a major disaster such as this and that they had been building enormous reserves in overseas investments which would be repatriated for the purpose of rebuilding Japan after the event.

    I’ve heard that the bill will be in the region of £48bn, which when compared the UK’s annual budget deficit created by Labour looks like a mere bagatelle.

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