The OWG Prepares Civil War Across The Developed World

Why have European governments set up multicultural societies with races and religions not mixing together?  This is the way to break up nations.  First get them fighting against each other in every town and city, then you have the perfect justification you need to set up a Police State.

The United Nations Agenda 21 programme is being readied in the wings.  One morning the State Police will arrive, and the days of private property, different religions and cultures will be over.  The State will bring up all humans everywhere in a new merged religion, based on spirituality and environmental awareness.  Educational standards will be lowered to ground level and will be based entirely on environmental sustainability training.

But first they create war, where once there was peace.  It’s been the tactic of the One World Government from its very inception a hundred years ago.  Once war is in place, they can destroy everything that came before with ease.

Sent in by Alan.

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