Nuclear Fallout In Scotland. Geiger Counters Sold Out.

Is the food in the supermarket safe to eat?   How’s the water doing that comes out of the tap?  These are questions people all over the world will soon be asking as Fukushima continues to spill dangerous isotopes into the environment beyond any control.

Breaking news –Sky – from PB comment.
Traces of radiation (iodine?) from Fukushima No 1 plant found in Glasgow (Yes Glasgow)….Very low and not a problem apparently but bizzare or what?

What’s so bizarre about it?  Nuclear material is spilling into the environment from a vast installation in Japan with no sign of it being stopped as yet.  Its output will spread to all corners of the globe.

What Can You Do?

Fancy buying a geiger counter?  It’s too late.  They’re sold out.
Soon every household will have one.  Food shopping will be accompanied by strange clicking noises, and people select what is safe or not safe.  Food grown under cover away from rainfall will be at a premium.  It’s time to sow seeds in the greenhouse and produce undercover home grown veg, especially for children.  Poly tunnels will be sold out next.  Lawn mowers will find themselves redundant.

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3 Responses to “Nuclear Fallout In Scotland. Geiger Counters Sold Out.”

  1. manfromthefuture says:

    dont panic just yet.
    down here in london, im not seeing anything more than usual background count on my geiger counter.

    will keep an eye on it though…

  2. Tapestry says:

    thanks manfromthefuture. it occurred to me that there might be an attempt to get people to worry about their own nuclear background levels rising, for some reason, as this was Sky News, to take the attention away from Japan.

    geiger counters being sold out was my discovery when I went to try and buy one.

  3. Adam says:

    I have tested all the salmon I’ve caught this year in northern BC, Canada. So far, no radiation detected above bacground radiation. I was worried specifically about sockye salmon. Will test all fish next year also.

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