My Comment On Redwood’s Blog And My Message To UKIP

Rarely making it through the censor’s department, I will put my comment on why public spending is falling at a glacial pace on here.  Why is the state re-recruiting from outside half the positions that would otherwise be reducing by natural wastage, asks John Redwood?

The state has a determination not to be cut. The requirement of the real government, the One World variety, is for Britain and all nations to be sunk into unpayable debt. That keeps us in their power. The Civil Service is fully penetrated by its agents with Common Purpose enjoying the support of David Cameron.
As Cameron told the 1922, people have to get used to the New World Order. 
We are.

And my email to UKIP this morning –

Come on UKIP.  Go anti the war.  It will bring massive support.  

Germany is right to keep out of it.  

The One World Government is running the European and North African political scene, engaging in war and media propaganda campaigns (run by Al Jazeera) to bring the Arab world into One World Government control.  This should not be Britain’s business.

UKIP should be making a stand.  

Britain does not believe in invading sovereign nations that do not constitute a threat.  Remember Blair.  Cameron is no different.  Ignore the media, which is a propaganda tool of the war-makers.  War is a great evil, not a sport or a game.  We should not be involved.

COMMENT from Sally Roberts Twitter –

I really am genuinely concerned about your obsession with the so called OWG. I don’t think you are well.

Reply –

Is that an argument, Sally?

Have you read Agenda 21 of the United Nations?  I can assure you that that will make you feel ill too.  See also

Human beings across the globe are being brought under the control of a tiny elite, who will bring an end to national sovereignty, private property, the breaking up of families and much more besides, terminating things that you and I would imagine just normal everyday things.  This is now part of US law, courtesy of Bush and Clinton.  Try to concentrate, Sally.

Comment by email –

Good morning Mr. Tap,
First of all thank you for bringing our attention to Benjamin Fulford through your web-site.
What he (BF) has to say about “many organizations getting ready to dislodge the Crazies”
that are currently running the world, is very interesting indeed.  

We can only hope that is true.

Secondly, this little bit of info. for what it’s worth.  Some religious organizations included Jehovah’s Witnesses, believe that another sign that the “end of the age” (i.e. Satan’s current rule on earth) is close at hand, is when the UN finally falls apart!

Finally, your email to UKIP, spot on.  Even better of course if the Euro Skeptic members of the Conservative party join UKIP.  They would certainly do very well, maybe even win the next general election.  

The majority of people in this country are completely fed-up with the same old thing.  As you said quite recently, democracy in this country
and the USA is just an illusion.
Kind Regards

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4 Responses to “My Comment On Redwood’s Blog And My Message To UKIP”

  1. Sue says:

    Sally Roberts is always putting down eurosceptics on ConHome. She’s a typical “Bitch Slap” candidate.

    Patronising and utterly demeaning to those who disagree with her.

    I agree with your UKIP assertions though. UKIP should take an “anti war” stance in this case.

  2. Tapestry says:

    As I said to her latest tweet, my comments are not personal to her. Anyone who knows what lies behind the events we are witnessing would be made ill by the knowledge. Children being blown away by mines. Depleted uranium poisoning soldiers and civilians alike. And all for the oil cartel’s profits. Dearest Sally has no idea, and is comically providing us with some light relief, which we need from time to time, by being so dumb!

    Tragically the politicians can rely on enough of her ”loyal” types to provide sufficient backing for the murder and maiming take place.

    Come on, UKIP. Stand up for an end to mercantile warfare.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Gaddafi provided terrorism for the One World Government in the past to keep their control over us. The fact that they no longer need him shows they have other access to false flag terror to use on us if they need some, and that the other suppliers (Israelis?) don’t require use of oilfields for providing same.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Sally dear, have you heard of false flag terror yet?

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