Lib Dems Lose Deposit In Barnsley

Lib Dems are migrating to UKIP, the new voice of opposition in British politics.

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3 Responses to “Lib Dems Lose Deposit In Barnsley”

  1. Alan Haywood says:

    UKIP is attracting those disaffected Tories who cannot bear to vote BNP IMHO. It is quite a leap to believe that LibDems are migrating to UKIP as their core belief is PRO-EU.
    UKIP and the BNP is fragmenting the Tory party to the extent that they will never get an overall majority. Pity really, they should perhaps be on the inside pissing out rather than the other way round…but let’s see what the next 5 years holds…if we have that long.

  2. BRIT says:

    Don’t forget,Alan, less than 18 months ago the then leader of Ukip said that they would join the Tories if Cameron would give a referendum on EU, so a “one policy party”, eh?. Ukip spent more on this election in Barnsley than ALL the other smaller parties put together. With only something like 38% turnout and a large new labour victory, Farage cannot expect such a mentally deficient electorate in many other constituancies. The best thing Ukip have going for them is Farage’s love affair with the BBC.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The BBC give Farage airtime as he pulls votes away from the Conservatives. The media kills the BNP as they advocate pulling the troops home from the wars.

    I would never call an electorate things like mentally deficient, Brit.

    If ex-Lib Dems are moving to UKIP, that could make UKIP the party of dissent. Cameron started with the left split between two parties and the right solidly unified as Conservative. He will end up with the left unified behind Labour, and the right divided between UKIP and Conservative.

    That can hardly have been in error.

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