Labour Backbenchers Support Redwood’s Repatriation Of Fishing Proposal

This short extract from John Redwood’s contribution to the debate on the issue of Parliament’s Sovereignty in the Referendum Lock Bill gives a good clue as to how Parliament could reimpose its will over the EU.  While John is speaking, a Labour backbencher, Ian Davidson asks him to give way.  John refuses as he is short of time, but the backbencher shouted something very significant –  ”You have the support of Labour backbenchers.”

Here is the exchange –

Mr REDWOOD ……Let us take the issue of fish. I have heard Ministers, from all parties that have been in government, say to the House that they, like me, thoroughly disagree with the discard policy, think that it is wrong and intend to negotiate a better answer. No better answer has been negotiated. We gave the European Union 20 years’ warning. Why do we not simply legislate now to take ourselves out of the common fisheries policy and show that this Parliament is sovereign and works in the interests of the British people and a great British industry.
Mr Ian Davidson (Glasgow South West) (Lab/Co-op): Will the right hon. Gentleman give way?
Mr Redwood: I do not have time, otherwise I would be very happy to.
Mr Davidson: You have the support of Labour’s Back Benchers!
Mr Redwood: That’s great; I am very glad that I have the support, from a sedentary position, of Labour’s Back Benchers.
If this Parliament is never prepared to legislate against the views and wishes of the European Union, people will rightly conclude that the European Union is now sovereign. I mentioned in earlier debates on this legislation that the Crown remained sovereign for a long time in our country, and that Parliament whittled its powers away. There is no precise date on which people all agree that the Crown ceased to be sovereign and that Parliament replaced it, but the situation illustrates that, if we make too many concessions, make too many mistakes and grant too many powers on lease, one day we will not be able to get those powers back. 
The Crown discovered that it had given away too many powers and lost too many battles, and perhaps power finally resolved to Parliament on the day when they murdered-or killed-the King. That was a fairly definitive act, but it took place after a long series of battles and struggles when power had been ebbing away from the monarchy-and the monarchy was invited back.
I want no such violence in resolving the issue with the European Union, but I do want some political strength and some political substance. Surely, the European Union now does so many things that rile the British people that we should take matters into our own hands……
Why the hell don’t Labour and Conservative backbenchers team up against their own leaderships on this issue?   If MPs from both parties were to form a cross-party organisation to deal with Sovereignty issues, a great deal of progress could be made.


The EU slides yet more power away from Parliament as the Bill passes the Commons.
Open Europe
EU “referendum lock” passes House of Commons

The Government’s EU Bill, designed to act as a “referendum lock” on future transfers of power to Brussels, was approved by MPs in the Commons last night. Foreign Secretary William Hague said, “This Bill is not a panacea for all the problems of the European Union, but it does deal with the biggest challenge that it poses to our democracy: that its development should be linked to popular consent…It is a major change that strengthens our democracy by giving new powers to Parliament and voters.

As such, it can and should be welcomed by everyone, whatever their view of the European Union.”
Writing on Conservative Home, Open Europe’s Stephen Booth argues that the EU’s future accession to the European Convention on Human Rights should be subject to a referendum under the Bill because it would place the entire body of EU law in the hands of judges at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. 

He adds that, “Handing over jurisdiction over EU law, which has to be implemented in the UK, to the Strasbourg court must qualify as a ‘transfer of power’ under the terms of the Bill, even if it is not to Brussels but to Strasbourg.” 

As it stands, the Bill, which will now move to the House of Lords, only requires the Government to get a Parliamentary resolution to approve the EU’s accession to the ECHR.
That should be fixed in the House Of Lords, then.  The problem with all this is that the heart of the problem runs much deeper than repatriation of sovereignty.  The world is on the verge of being subjugated under a One World Government.   The EU’s job is to dismantle the nations of Europe so they are incapable of functioning and resisting from the legal viewpoint.   The next step in the plan is not the overt imposition of power from the EU over the nations.  The endgame is the imposition of government from the United Nations.
The threat of withdrawal of lending is the whip being used to suppress the once free nations of the world.  If the British Parliament votes to reclaim its sovereignty, but is faced with withdrawal of international funding of our longterm and short term debt, the legal niceties will not count for much.  Money will win.
That’s the reason the debts must be paid off and not racked up to the stratosphere as it still happening.  If the backbenchers really want to see Sovereignty back at Westminster, they must get much more serious about cuts.  Government expenditure should be halved.  Only can the debts be paid off that way, and we could not be held to ransom as the OWG intends.
That of course is why Blair and Brown racked up the debts in the first place, as instructed by their owners.  Blair’s relationship with international finance is undeniable.  He’s been taken in by Yale, the home of Skull and Bones, where the Bushes are well known to control things.  Cameron’s path once he resigns office will no doubt be very similar.  Only the backbenchers seem interested in preserving the last vestiges of democracy, a little late in the day, it has to be said.  The size of the task gets vaster by the year.  The size of the talk and the effort being made to fight back is not even coming close.

The intention of the elite that wants to rule the world under its ”sustainable development” Agenda 21 programme, and is in the process of doing so, is the abolition of private property, the ending of the family unit, and the ending of national sovereignty.  If only those backbench MPs had a clue as to what they were up against.  

The state will control all human activity.  

Children will be cared for by the state.  They will be indoctrinated to be global citizens in the global village. Loyalty will be transferred from the family to the government,  where children will be taught how to achieve sustainable living.  Children will be kept mathematically illterate, as poorly educated people consume less.

There will be no independence, no privacy, no freedom of speech and no fundamental rights.  All will take a back seat to the collectivisation of humanity. Nothing less than a cataclysmic disaster, and a mass misery is being planned.  The throwing of a few dead fish overboard is going to be the least of our troubles.  MPs will all end up in The Thames, and in a way, they will deserve their fate, as only they could have saved us, had they had the brains or the balls to stop Britain’s descent into the New World Order’s totalitarianism as it has never been seen before.  Rockefeller who is one of the programme’s proponents, was a big fan of Chairman Mao.  He only murdered 50 million people.  These guys are going to beat that a hundred times over.
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  1. Derek says:

    The edited video puts it in a nutshell.

    Surely many in Europe and especially in the UK will see this as an American issue. Yet in truth is it not a child of the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300?

    We are as much under the threat from such an agenda here as it goes seemingly unannounced, working rabidly in the background undermining all social services and law enforcement agencies (we used to call them Police – all part of the pseudo paramilitary collective now. Stab vests, batons, shields – ‘Officer Gadget’ on duty).

    For those who think such things could not happen here – they already are. We are part of such a collective – the EU. Our bins are not emptied as they once were. We are compelled to sort and sift, and yet pay more for recycling. Our children are still dressed in uniforms to enter school – military style indoctrination. ‘Don’t they look smart’. Child Assessment Forms are available to school workers if they consider any child has ‘out of the ordinary’ responses and behaviour. All carefully cloaked under the word – ‘Care’. For ‘care, think ‘steal’.

    Not only is the family unit under attack – aided and abetted by pressures of work and cost of living – but individuals are pushed into groups of peers aganist peers – social disorder engineered to support more draconian legislation and ultimately control.

    It’s very subtle and undetected in many areas as things ‘appear’ to be perfectly normal. Scratch the surface and the beast appears.
    When did you last get a reply from your MP?
    When did your last objection to something unnecessary be considered?
    When was your last application responded to in the positive?

    It’s all there, just under the surface of ‘normality’.

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