HAARP Chemtrails Victims Speak Out

The victims of HAARP already number in hundreds of thousands of dead according to Benjamin Fulford.  If the Japanese earthquake was caused by HAARP,  it has managed to devastate a modern developed economy with just one strike.  Yet the number of victims from the use of chemtrails, which are used to bounce HAARP waves around the planet by converting the sky into a plasma, could well be far greater than even this.  The chemtrails consist of metals like barium and aluminium, which are known to make people sick, and can have devastating effects on those who are more sensitive than average to toxic metals.  Millions of people are being exposed on a regular basis.

In this piece from www.aircrap.org two chemtrails victims speak out.  The health effects of chemtrails and the nuclear fallout from Japan around the globe could soon project the numbers of HAARP victims into the tens or hundreds of millions.  And that’s before any more strikes are carried out.

From Niki in Western, PA: I am eighteen and have always been a severe asthmatic with a significant amount of allergies. Every year since I was four, seasons would change and my health would take a turn for the worse. At the age of fifteen, my parents found an excellent pulmeanologist. He evaluated my sickness and gave several critical, helpful recommendations. I was feeling better within months; I was able to exercise without stopping, I could breathe in the fall, I was unstoppable! For the next couple years, my health only grew stronger.

Nothing that I have personally done has changed; my sheets are cleaned on an exaggerated basis, my mattress cover is airtight and my diet remains exceptional. I do no subject myself to anything could jeopardize my new found health, except continue my outdoor pleasures. When the chem trails were brought to my attention, I was slightly amused, the idea sounded ludicrous.

Then it happened: my first bad attack in years! This past summer, I found jogging was an uncomfortable obstacle and swimming in my own pool was almost out of the question. Fishing, alone, would cause an attack. I was furious, I AM furious! I have been sick for months now, unjustly sprayed on and put at risk. I cannot stop coughing, wheezing has become a norm, and the headaches rarely cease. Even my menstrual cycle is irregular, which has NEVER been an issue. Am I to live a life of indoor activities now? I am disappointed in this recent development and downright scared for my own well-being. I just want the bloody mucus and constant physical pain to be relieved without the passage of further medication.

Here’s another message from Diane in Belgium: I am a MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) patient from Belgium. For many months now, chemicals are being sprayed in the skies above from where I live. They give me lots of allergic reactions, exhaustion, and sinus infections. Because of the MCS I have to always stay inside my home and just observe the sky through my window.  I want the spraying to stop.
Note: photo is not Niki. She didn’t feel comfortable putting her photo on the internet.


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