US Government Kills Citizens To Get Their Land

Anyone who doubted government in the USA is too powerful needs only watch this clip.  They just blew Donald Scott away, burned his house down and tried to seize his property, the only plot of ground in private ownership remaining in a national park.  The government wanted it and just manufactured the reasons to kill the owner.  His widow tells the story.  Just look at the cops grinning after they killed an innocent man.

In Britain I have heard of similar stories where regulation has been used to destroy private businesses, which local governments wanted to take over and give to their preferred contractors.  I haven’t heard of a state killing as yet, but what’s the difference?  They just take what they want, and have no respect for private ownership of anything.

Brasscheck TV gives more of an idea as to what’s going on –

Sheriff Department Fundraiser in LA County

How serious are property seizure abuses in the US?

Police now routinely take billions of dollars worth of property from citizens every year, often without due process.

In some states, mere “suspicion” of criminal activity is enough to justify seizures.

With states running out of money, do you think this problem will get better or worse? 

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