Former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka – ”Japan Was Threatened With An Earthquake Machine”

Canadian Journalist Benjamin Fulford claims Heizo Takenaka says Japan was threatened with an earthquake weapon.

When asked why he had handed control over the Japan’s financial reserves to a handful of American and European oligarchs, the former finance minister Takenaka replied that he had been threatened with an earthquake machine if he didn’t cooperate.  See the link which explains that The Bushes Are Running Out Of Money.

There were two earthquakes at Japan’s largest nuclear installation in 2010, after such a threat was apparently carried out.  See earlier post from December 2010, which suggests that Japan, China and Russia are attempting to resist the power of the New World Order.

The tsunami is not a lone event but the most recent of a series of attacks, if this is all true.  Benjamin Fulford, an American journalist living in Japan, claims to speak on behalf of Japanese secret societies that oppose the wars being generated in the Middle East and Africa by the West’s One World Government.

Fulford appeals to loyal Americans to bomb the power sources of HAARP, which is located in Alaska and Greenland, and which has killed 500,000 people in deliberately generated ”natural disasters” so far.  The OWG had asked the Indonesian government to open the Straits Of Molucca and join the fight against terrorism, he claims.  They refused.  The Indian Ocean tsunami followed.  After that, they cooperated.

The video explains how an earthquake can be created by using HAARP in technical terms.  He appeals to the governments of Russia, China and Japan to tell the world what they know about the madmen using HAARP to threaten and kill hundreds of thousands of people.

He adds, ”The USA is becoming the gangster of the world, the bully of the world.  The country has been taken over by madmen.  They want to bring about World War 3, which is what they are trying to do by attacking so many other countries with HAARP.  They will not succeed.  They must be stopped.”

Note the Times article in the video below which shows that China was warning her nuclear plants to expect ”áccidents”.  How would they know that just before an earthquake occurred near one of their nuclear installations?

Here is a little background on Benjamin Fulford.  He claims that China, Russia and Japan are opposing the power accumulation of the New World Order, which is interesting as a scene setter.  But he is a bit garbled sometimes, spitting out too much information in short gulps.  It can be very hard to take in.

From Benjamin Fulford’s 8/13/2010 blog

(Fulford’s style is full-on, spit it out.  He has a hatred for the small group of financiers who control Wall St.  He is a former financial journalist who worked for Forbes, but broke ranks and began spilling the beans.  He believes the ”cabal” has tried to kill him on at least one occasion in the past, and he has sought the protection of Japanese ”secret societies” who oppose the attempt by Wall St financiers to dominate the world’s affairs through the various means at their disposal.  He sounds a bit nervy, which given what he faces, is not all that surprising).  He writes –

There seems to be a frantic, almost hysterical attempt by the secret financial cabal to stop the coming revolution in the West. They should cease and desist before they dig their own graves even deeper.

He likes to threaten the Wall St ”cabal” with their coming failure.

Let me summarize my own involvement in the revolution. It started when, as a mainstream financial journalist (working for Forbes and other publications) I started investigating the Japanese bad debt crisis. I soon found out that over half the bad debts in the entire Japanese banking system (over $1 trillion) were held by yakuza gangsters. I then cultivated yakuza sources who told me they were middlemen who worked for David Rockefeller, the Rothschilds and other Western oligarchs.

After I wrote books in Japanese about this, the yakuza tried to have me assassinated in Sakhalin, Russia. As a result, I created insurance files containing hundreds of hours of conversations with top yakuza that I had secretly recorded. These files will only be made public if I am killed.

Then my colleague the Forbes Moscow Bureau Chief Paul Klebnikov was murdered because, unknown to him, he was getting too close to the same cabal.

Later, I confronted former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka about his role in handing control of Japan’s savings to a cabal of Western oligarchs (I have a video of the meeting). After this, Takenaka sent a self-described assassin to tell me I could join the cabal and become Finance Minister of Japan or else be murdered (I have this on tape). He also said the cabal wanted to kill 4 billion people in order to “save the environment.”

This sounds a bit nuts.  How would Fulford be made Finance Minister of Japan?  The story about reducing the world’s population is consistent with what is known elsewhere about the OWG.

At this point an Asian secret society approached me and offered protection. I told them to urge Asian and other countries to stop financing the cabal’s war machine.

That is when the current financial war began to rage. The cabal tried to jack up food and oil prices. The Asians responded by buying commodities futures and demanding physical delivery.

As the war raged on, I was contacted by senior members of Western intelligence/defense agencies who explained they were also battling the same cabal. These are the people who have been seeking justice ever since the cabal assassinated President Kennedy.

I wonder who he means.  Imagine David Kelly and many other people working in intelligence like David Shayler.  It is possible that there are many more of them.

The “white hats,” in the Western military/intelligence complex then asked for help in bankrupting the cabal’s source of power: The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. They wanted to do this by cashing trillions of dollars worth of gold backed bonds in order to jump-start a new metals backed financial system that would replace the Feds.
 (italics mine – op)

The P2 Masonic lodge offered to help and the bonds were put into the custody of Daniele Dal Bosco, their representative.

Later I was invited to Italy by the P2 Freemason lodge. While in Milan, I came down with a violent lung sickness that nearly killed me. Sources in the CIA told me the cabal had tried to kill me with a virus and that I was “not meant to leave Italy alive.”

Dal Bosco then absconded with the bonds and took them to an organization known as the OITC. According to CIA and NSA intercepts, Dal Bosco also hired professional hit men to have me assassinated. Two teams of professional assassins, one Italian and one South Korean, were subsequently spotted near my house in Tokyo.

The cabal was hoping to keep the financial system under their control by using the OITC to provide them with a veneer of legitimacy. By all reports the nominal head of the OITC, R.C. Dam, is a very nice person. He was also at one point given the job of custodian of a pool of gold belonging to a large group of countries and royal families. President Suharto of Indonesia was the original custodian but he was murdered by the cabal not long after they killed Kennedy.

Does that check out?
At that time the Indonesian President was SUKARNO. 

Dam was his heir but, since he was raised by the CIA and his organization was infiltrated by criminals, the nations and royal families removed his accreditation.

As for the two Japanese arrested in Italy with $134.5 billion in bonds, (Yamaguchi and Watanabe), I am not in a position to judge their qualifications. Nor do I know who is behind the “dragon family.”

Sometimes I wish Fulford would keep things simple, so we can understand what he’s saying more easily.  Someone suggested he is playing both sides, but he seems to have such a fanatical hatred for Wall St financiers that that seems unlikely.  He seems frightened and nervy, I would say.

My own view is that finance is the process of deciding what humanity should do in the future. This is not a process that should be monopolized by a small group of in-bred families but rather by humanity as a whole.

The structures set up after World War 2 to govern the planet are out-dated and need to be rebuilt from the ground up. The IMF, the World Bank, the BIS and the United Nations need to be totally revamped and/or replaced.

Just surviving is going to be enough of a job, Benjamin.  The world will have to sort itself out.  The Americans have got themselves into a monumental mess.  Would anyone else do any better?

My critics have questioned my association with Asian secret societies but as far as I am concerned, they saved my life from the cabal many times. The cabal has tried to have me killed at least 6 times and so I have a legitimate need of protection.

I am prepared to believe that.

Our alliance rose spontaneously in response to the cabal’s plans to murder 4 billion humans and establish a totalitarian world government. The organizations that oversee the world’ various martial arts societies have offered us their support and protection. This is being done in order to save the planet.

Now I”m getting confused again.  The martial arts bit, I mean.  The plans to create a worldwide totalitarian state to consolidate their power is consistent with other reputable sources like Dr Monteith, Alex Jones and many others, who know about the United Nations’Agenda 21.

I just thought it worth looking at Fulford again as he is a possible source for what’s been going on inside Japan.  As usual, he is not that easy to read, but worth listening to, as he has another viewpoint on the same basic story.  There aren’t many other sources to look at coming from Japan.

PICTURE SENT IN BY DEREK – Precision earthquake cuts along the white lines of the road…..

Is this natural forces or the artifice of man?


I’ve just found this:

Haarp Activity off the charts during Japanese earthquake.


Thanks, Gillian.  There is too much going on to take in at the moment.  Obviously the source for that could be a good one, but how do we know?

UPDATE 20th March – There’s a lot more about this here, including news of the progress of the nuclear cloud which has already arrived over the USA’s west coast.

Other background –

Extract –  Anybody who has done any research into this so called ‘conspiracy’ has been shocked and alarmed by what they have found. My own research leads me to personally believe that a group of arrogant men are playing God and have little regard for human or any other life for that matter.

Why would anyone want to attack Japan and hurt so many people?

More on Heizo Takenaka’s involvement in attempts to have Japan’s vast savings pool privatised

Japan Post Bank is the largest holder of personal savings in the world, making it the world’s largest credit engine. Most money today originates as bank loans, and deposits are the magic pool from which this credit-money is generated. Japan Post is not only the world’s largest depository bank but its largest publicly-owned bank. By 2007, it was also the largest employer in Japan, and the holder of one-fifth of the national debt in the form of government bonds. As noted by Joe Weisenthal, writing in Business Insider in February 2010:

Because Japan’s enormous public debt is largely held by its own citizens, the country doesn’t have to worry about foreign investors losing confidence.

If there’s going to be a run on government debt, it will have to be the result of its own citizens not wanting to fund it anymore. And since many Japanese fund the government via accounts held at the Japan Post Bank — which in turn buys government debt — that institution would be the conduit for a shift to occur.

That could explain why Japan Post has been the battleground of warring political factions for over a decade. The Japanese Postal Savings System dates back to 1875; but in 2001, Japan Post was formed as an independent public corporation, the first step in privatizing it and selling it off to investors. When newly-elected Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi tried to push through the restructuring, however, he met with fierce resistance. In 2004, Koizumi shuffled his Cabinet, appointed reform-minded people as new ministers, and created a new position for Postal Privatization Minister, appointing Heizo Takenaka to the post. In March 2006, Anthony Rowley wrote in Bloomberg:

By privatizing Japan Post, [Koizumi] aims to break the stranglehold that politicians and bureaucrats have long exercised over the allocation of financial resources in Japan and to inject fresh competition into the country’s financial services industry. His plan also will create a potentially mouthwatering target for domestic and international investors: Japan Post’s savings bank and insurance arms boast combined assets of more than ¥380 trillion ($3.2 trillion) . . .

Read Ellen Brown’s Analysis in The Global Economic Crisis

A $3 trillion asset pool is mouthwatering indeed. In a 2007 reorganization, the postal savings division was separated from the post office’s other arms, turning Japan Post into ………….

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  1. Derek says:!/photo.php?fbid=198662736823513&set=a.198656253490828.45922.158535797502874&theater

    Sorry about the length of the link, but this facebook album has one particular shot directly linked to above that stands out. Another almost identical was show in a group of stills from a paper (can’t find it now) in which a section of roadway had collapsed under the substrata movements. In the latter case, a yellow central line seemingly dividing the two halves of a two lane tarmacadammed road was the perfect division of strata that had split apart and ended up at very different levels. There were engineers with tape measures in attendance, and it may have been that they had painted the edges of the divide for some dsafety reason. That was certainly my frst conclusion, but under such devastating circumstances as that which has happened, why spend time on that?

    In the facebook image, it is again the prefect divide along white lines, both at the road edge, and in the road centre that have been followed – just like tearing along a dotted line. Dotted lines and similar perforations are man made.

    A very strange coincidence, or maybe not?

  2. Tapestry says:

    I see from a blog post in December 2010 that Benjamin Fulford was talking of HAARP setting off earthquakes in Japan being used a threat a while back.

    There seem to have three attacks made on Japan of which this is the third and the monumentally most devastating.

  3. zac says:

    Why doesn’t Fulford show in the video Takenaka actually making the claim that Japan was threatened with an earthquake machine? I think he is a mythomaniac.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Good point, Zac. He claims the interview was recorded. Mind you it would be in Japanese. He could help us by giving a bit more to go on.

  5. quxetrey says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    I could of sworn I seen this video years ago. Either way I know I saw a Youtube video a long time ago explaining one of the earthquake threats> Way before March of this year.

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