HAARP Volcanoes Coming Next

The sun has risen three days early in Greenland, baffling scientists.  The location of magnetic north has also moved over from Canada to Siberia.  There hasn’t been such a dramatic shift in magnetic north for 700,000 years.  What’s going on?

This guy seems to think that HAARP is being used to flip the magnetic poles, causing the recent spate of earthquakes.  If HAARP is being used to heat one side of the globe, and not the other, for example, be believes that the molten magma on that side of the earth is flowing and less dense than the other side, and would cause a tipping of the earth.

This is sending navigation systems out of sync, and pilots and birds are unable to find their way around.

One other possibility of such an unbalanced heating of the inner earth’s magma is that it will cause a super volcano.

Yellowstone could go up, devastating America, for example.

Why would the small cabal that rules and dominates the world desire such destruction?

The speaker addresses that question.  Are they in terror of losing their privileged position of secret and total power, as they become exposed to view by the internet?  Is this a suicidal Hitlerian sulk, typical of the madman who thought he could take over the planet, but being foiled, then sought his own and everyone else’s destruction?

This clip was sent in by Tony on an email, with title ”HAARPing On About The Poles”.

He’s obviously got a sense of humour.

If the north pole becomes the south pole and vice versa will that mean South Americans will become Canadians and the Scots will become bushmen??”,  he adds.

Someone’s playing around with mother earth, and she’s showing signs of intense stress.  The sun has risen three days early in Greenland and Norway.  Magnetic north has shifted suddenly by 10 degrees.  Something very significant is happening.  But what?  This clip attempts some kind of explanation.  The next one is a news report of the problems faced by airports with airoplane compasses not working correctly.  This is not an imaginary event, and possibly is more evidence of HAARPists playing God with the planet, raising the risks of yet more cataclysmic events.

You have to ask why these events are being kept off the main media channels.

Next clip –  Navigation troubles as magnetic north used to be in Canada, but now is in Siberia.  The last polar shift was 700,000 years ago.  Is another one happening spontaneously now?

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  1. Derek says:

    I think the sink behind him gives a clue.

    Looks like a Janitor’s room in some hospital.

    He seems to have covered everything. Or maybe not – never heard God mentioned.

  2. Tapestry says:

    His story checks out with news reports. He seems sane enough to me, and it’s not unreasonable to be emotional about such a topic. It would nice to know why the owners of HAARP want to do so much damage to the earth. Maybe it will help to reduce the earth’s numbers to a level that they feel they can more easily enslave.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Via email –

    Hi Mr. Tap,

    There was an interesting programme on Channel 4 on the 24th March, entitled, “Japan’s Tsunami: How it Happened”
    The bit that really caught my attention at the beginning of the programme was when the narrator said that the earthquake
    was “so powerful it knocked the earth off it’s axis” I was waiting and hoping for the narrator to say that the earth had now returned
    to “normal”. But he didn’t say that. So I’m wondering if that may go some way to explaining why magnetic north has moved by
    10 degrees (a big shift) and why the sun rose 3 days earlier in Greenland!
    The world is getting more like a bad Sci-fi/ Horror movie, by the day. Incidentally, that C4 prog. can be watched on 4OD, by anyone
    that may be interested.


    It’s also possible that HAARP was used to tilt the earth which helped set off quakes, according to the amateur scientist in the clip. TV will of course be trying to disguise the use of HAARP, were there any.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How can a machine made by a man produce such effects? Surely it would require more energy via a power source to produce the supposed results than is explicable by science, literally an astronomical amount of power – so how does it work? And if it can move the earth’s magnetic field or axis then it could power every city forever, so why is it used for making tidal waves etc? Doesn’t make sense. What is HAARP for, and how does it work?

  5. Tapestry says:

    Quite right, anon. Tesla pointed out that electricity could be easily generated from tapping into the earth’s magnetism, and distributed without wires through resonance. As soon as his research showed that the electricity industry was unnecessary, JP Morgan, his financier, had his funding axed, and his experimental structures demolished.

    Tesla also pointed out that the earth can be heated through resonance by vibrating the earth’s core at the exactly right wavelength.

  6. Derek says:

    Indeed, electricity is said to be available free, literally from the air around us. Free energy exists, and that is a big threat to the industries now existing. Even the late Dr. Robert Beck placed the future of medicine in simple electrical devices to improve health and eradicate disease. Big Pharma are not amused. 7.5Mhz was mentioned somewhere, but it would take hours to find the reference now!

    Pole shifts we know have happened before, and much of life as we now know it will change or be lost. The typically ‘O.M.G.’ American reporters fail to say that navigational charts are updated at frequent periods to allow for the ongoing magnetic North changes. The thought that pilots might land on the wrong runway is laughable, as is changing the runway numbers to compensate – now that could cause an accident in itself! Dumb – or Dumber?

  7. Tapestry says:

    And when did the sun last come up for Norwegian spring three days early, Derek? And is Magnetic North usually swinging around by 10 degrees?

  8. Derek says:

    We are entering interesting times Tap:


    One example of Googling for Nibiru.

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