Astrophysics For Dummies. Rule By Secrecy.

This lady (in video) predicted the Japanese earthquake a week before it happened, by plotting the recent path of the same comet that was in alignment with earth when the Chilean earthquake struck last year.  She pointed out that the comet was coming back into alignment with earth on 11th March 2011, and more big earthquakes would be the result – as it turned out, not a bad hit, the 11th being the date of the Japanese 9.0 disaster.

If the asteroid or comet caused the earthquake, as she suggests, what about HAARP?   Benjamin Fulford, who claims Heizo Takenaka told him Japan had been threatened with an earthquake machine, was also talking of Japanese earthquakes affecting nuclear installations before recent events happened.  Users of HAARP must know the astrophysical moments of greatest opportunity.  The graph of HAARP usage before and up to the Japanese earthquake show a high signal at the right wavelength needed to trigger an earthquake.

The case is not proven either way, and is still open.  We are not going to told much of anything, of course.  As far as the public is concerned, earthquakes are a random act of God.

It’s odd that the considerable amount of expertise about earthquakes that is available, rarely or ever makes it into the media, as the lady talking in the video with her rather annoying voice in effect says.  If the world’s government were benign, surely it would keep people informed about the path of comets, lunar and solar patterns,  which affect geological activity and weather.

It’s all part of the dumbing down of mankind.  As my friend Bob always says jokingly of how to treat your staff, ”Treat em rough.  Tell ’em nuthin’.”

Thanks for nothing, OWG.

Government By Secrecy

This guy from the world of intelligence says that government by secrecy is over.  I wish he was right.  He says that the internet, humble bloggers no less, can and will put things to rights.  Mind you, he doesn’t seem to realise that he’s up against a secret world supranational government that doesn’t play the game by the rules, and that  professional politicians are just a front.  I like his spirit, and his point that the popular will can reimpose itself, but to me it seems optimistic that there is such a simple way out of all this.

He sees America breaking up with States going independent, to get rid of the Federal Government, a bit like Britain would like to get out of the EU.  We all want these things, but what political device can get us there, while assassination (both real and character) and media manipulation rule the world.  The trend of collectivisation of nations into blocs is, if anything, going faster now with Africa and the Arab nations being rammed into regional groups.  Those that resist, like Libya’s Gaddafi, get a hundred cruise missiles a week landing on their tents.

The military, instead of being the OWG’s enforcer, needs to turn around and dismantle the power structures that control us all.  They need to close down the networked media.  It will take a military coup détat in the USA to stop the world going the way it is.  What else would stand a chance of success against secret societies that habitually murder opponents, or at least, many conveniently pass away with mystery illnesses?

But let’s keep blogging, anyway, just in case we shift one grain of sand in the desert, before the OWG sends its enforcers to lock our keyboards.

Full hour if you want more –  war is a business.  some good stuff, but a bit muddled.  Lots on possible future uses for IT.

Clips sent in by Derek Reynolds.

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  1. Derek says:

    Where are we without politics? We have been indoctrinated with political allegiances for centuries. Democracy is reliant upon it – we have survived (tell that to the bereaved) two World Wars and more, yet how often are the people happy with the powers elected? Still we seek a solution to our ills from the common denominator that supplies them – Politics, and the Democratic vote. If you don’t like the one – vote them out for another. But on what basis – on what they promise pre-election? How simply are the masses made gullible. How simple is it for a few to lie to the many? But what is the alternative? Collectively the masses are gullible. Individually, much less so.

    Even more simple – do away with politics. Shock – horror!

    We do not need politics to mend a neighbour’s roof. Nor fix the roads. We need co-operation within the community and within the Nation. All ‘that’ can be achieved without a herd mentality that is so beloved of government. The only reason why government supports and demands it – is to shore itself up from self destruction. The collective works in small measures. But elect ‘leaders’ to whip it into a few large groups and you have a destructive agency capable of inciting war, for the sole purpose of self perpetuation and aggrandizement.

    Change is as natural as breathing – we are in a constant state of change. Yet change is all we abhor, rail against, and regret when it is forced upon us from the very sources of administration and destruction. To destroy such a force we need to change – within. Stop pandering to the options made available; BNP, UKIP, or any other Sovereign Alliance; such are the seeds of repetition.

    It is the individual that needs to change, change our way of thinking and perceiving that which has become an ingrained attitude that breeds the monstrosity that has become governance, and the despots that purport to be able to lead and control it. Clearly they cannot. They will not, as they feed from its internal constructs. And if THEY will not, it is then down to the individual to take things into his/her own hands – IT must be changed.

    It is the hardest step to take – for it is WE who need to change. There will be many who will be removed; eliminated; liquidated; and banished into oblivion, and there will be much needed in the way of co-ordinated communication and interlocking of societies many basic necessities, not least of all defence, an area where our first and foremost need is in defending OUR borders, and not the borders of a would be Supranational power. Is it too late? It’s never too late!

    Given certain galactic events, will our children and Grandchildren see such a World? Or will we VOTE on a National basis yet again?

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