Airport Security Stripped Bare

Surely the saddest video you’ll ever see on youtube – no – not the girl getting her kit off at the airport on Japanese TV.  That’s funny.  I mean  the one of the Iraq veteran below, realising he’d been duped into fighting a wrong war.

Airport body scanners are a radiation threat, a personal intrusion and a vast industry.  Each one sells for $150,000, all sold by a single company, which is owned and run by the same guy who ensured they were made compulsory while working for Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff.  Another billionairre has been created by his own laws.

The Japanese have it right.  It’s ludicrous.

If airport security want to find explosives or drugs, trained dogs would find them much more cheaply and quickly than radiation scanners, but where’s the fun in that for airport perverts?

The OWG wants to get people used to intrusion by authority as, under the United Nation’s Agenda 21,  individual rights no longer exist.  Humanity is being collectivised.  The joke is that this is no joke.

The only people the One World Government fears are the veterans returning from the wars.  They have seen the evil of the government they have been fighting for, and are aware of what the threats are to their own society from an over-powerful state.  War educates.  The response from Homeland Security, aware that they are not loved by returning soldiers, is a slight overreaction – to call all veterans a terror threat.

The military are the only people they fear, and who might yet be able to stop them implementing Agenda 21.  The home grown dumbed down brigade are good and ready to walk straight into the concentration camps, and to be collectivised.  Old soldiers are not so ready to do so.  That’s their problem, how to silence the vocal criticism coming from the poor bastards who have found out the hard way that the US government are a bunch of lying bastards working full-time for the One World Government, and corporate interests.

QUESTION:  What’s the definition of a right wing extremist?

ANSWER:     Someone who doesn’t buy into totalitarian power running the world.

Here’s one trying his hand at a political statement.

The only problem is that this guy doesn’t realise that elections are rigged to order, and that the political parties are fixed.  The OWG saw him coming.

He will need to become more ”activist” if he wants to win back America’s freedom.  Why doesn’t he call in at and listen to Dr Stan Monteith, who, over an hour or two, could give him a lot more background on the subject he’s trying to get to grips with?

As they teach you in the military, if you want to win a battle, know your enemy.

Now this veteran’s getting the hang of it all a lot better.

The building going on in Iraq, he says, is not for the Iraqi people, but for the occupation.  He realises that the war in Iraq is a lie, about money, about occupation, and not about peoples’freedom as he was told.  And now with that thought on his lips, he’s transformed, at a stroke, from a soldier of the One World Government into a terror suspect.  He knows the networked news is a lie, and now he is telling others that it’s a lie.  He realises that he has been deliberately de-humanised.  He wants out, and he wants to talk.

Those who want the lies to go on, and the dehumanising to continue, the OWG-slime, are worried.  Soldiers were never meant to have minds of their own and voices.  They will need to do more than talk, though, to stop the powerful who currently control the world.   But talking is a good start.  He has found his heart that way, badly injured though it is.

He is getting ready to move to the next stage of throwing off the corrupt elite that runs the world, like the Halliburtons who he saw profiteering in Iraq.  There will be hundreds of thousands just like him, if not millions.   If these guys, whose souls are rejecting the war they were ordered to fight, are the terrorists, then I guess I’m with the terrorists.

How about you?

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