Obey The Big Society? Or Look For A New Cromwell To Free Britain.

This design was made by Brian Gerrish of UKcolumn indicating the behind-the-scenes power structure that runs Britain.  Click on the ‘power’ map of the UK.  You are part of it.Printer-friendly versionSend to friend

Brian Gerrish

Learn your place.  You are no more than cattle to the New World Order.  You are permitted to live only as long as you consume the products manufactured for your consumption by the giant corporations that have seized control of the planet, and as long as you don’t become wealthy, live too long or breed too many children.  But don’t worry.  Your early demise, and infertility, will be handled for you.  The foods that would keep you healthy will be removed from your reach, and only foods and drinks that will help you to get sick and die prematurely will be made available to you, along with vaccines that you will be panicked into accepting.

The next effort from the OWE is to control your mind.

Your children will be brainwashed at school, put on anti-depressants by doctors, and taught that Big EU Brother is the way ahead.  This is what is meant by The Big Society.  They know what’s best for you and are putting the structures of your control into place.  You will be taught to enjoy your enslavement inside David Cameron’s Brave New Big Society..  See this piece from Brian Gerrish’s UKcolumn.

We have consistently warned that Britain is being attacked by our own government, and under the front page headline of our last edition, “Dark Actors Playing Games”, we exposed that there was a hidden agenda between the Tory Cabinet Office and the political charity Common Purpose.

In lifting the lid on the dirty deals, insider dealing, lies and cover-ups surrounding the Cabinet Office’s plan to use Common Purpose to “reframe” the Top 200 Civil Servants, we also demonstrated that there was no difference in the Tory political agenda to that of Blair / Brown NuLabour. Since the Lid Dems have now been subsumed into the Conservatives, they can also be seen to be in the same political bed.
If we continue to naively believe the traditional political model of Conservative, Labour and LibDem, which suggests that each of the three main parties has a unique and discrete brand of politics, then we will find it hard to accept that forces much deeper are acting against us. If, however, we ask a simple question – Just how can a top ‘right wing’ Conservative like Francis Maude MP work hand in hand with an extreme Fabian left-wing Socialist such as Julia Middleton, the CEO of Common Purpose? – we start to see through the smoke and mirrors. The truth is they are all working to a ‘common purpose’, have been for many years, and that purpose is overwhelmingly hostile to a sovereign British nation and our historic values, laws and customs.
An elitest dictatorship is emerging from the shadows with increasing speed. Call it socialist, communitarian or fascist it is still a dictatorship with supranational and One World Government goals.
When an attack is subversive, devious and hidden, just how do you expose it for what it is? We can write thousands of words and hundreds of articles trying to explain what is happening, but the old adage that a picture paints a thousand words is still so true. Battles are fought, won and lost on maps, and today the military uses a myriad of electronic means to produce pictures of the enemy and his tactics.  If we can’t see the enemy we can’t fight.
Our centre page diagram sets out as simply as we can the political change network at work at the heart of government. Though even the expression ‘government’ is a misnomer, since government is not a simple seat of democratic power in Westminster and the House of Lords – government is now buried in a morass of unaccountable charities, think-tanks, non-governmental organisations, pressure groups and ‘change agents’ – Cameron’s so called Big Society. The devil is in the detail of it (all).
The first revelation in the diagram is that the Prime Minister and his Chief Cabinet Office aid Francis Maude are controlled by those above. In recent weeks Head of the Civil Service, Gus o’Donnell has demonstrated that he is above our constitutional law. He has single-handedly produced the ‘Cabinet Manual’ – a so called compendium of the laws, conventions and constitutional underpinning of the UK system of government. His directives allowed Brown to remain in post after the public had voted him out at the last general election, and at the same time blocked Cameron from taking office. More recently O’Donnell was able to refuse to disclose critical information at Chilcott inquiry – just who is this man, and from where does his power come?
Closely linked to O’Donnell are Geoff Mulgan (Young Foundation) and Julia Middleton (Common Purpose). Perhaps surprisingly for true conservatives, both are spawn of the marxist based think tank Demos, and are driving a hard line socialist communitarian agenda. Aside from driving Blair’s Forward Strategy Unit, Mulgan’s plans also include the remaking of charities to suite a new political agenda. Through the Young Foundation, he is a key socialist policy driver, exerting almost guru-like influence through the spectrum of government training organisations such as the National School of Government, Institute for Government and others. He appears to have powerful and willing financial backers for his initiatives.
Happy to quote Marx in her book Beyond Authority, Middleton is desperate to change adult and children’s behaviour to create ‘new leaders’ in society. She is a personal friend of Maude, and believes that a fifth column can be used to achieve political change. Also great friends with the top international banks ranging from Deutsche Bank to the now defunct Lehman Brothers, as well as media moguls, and the rich, great and good, Julia is also happy to quote and use East German tactics of exploiting ‘useful idiots’, to achieve her political agenda. Cameron and Maude are active with both the Young Foundation and Common Purpose. Yet they are supposedly Tories?
Having exposed direct links between Common Purpose and the Cabinet Office, it came as no surprise to discover a Behavioural Change Unit within the Cabinet Office. Shown in the box at the bottom of the diagram, we feature the Director, Dr Halpen, and expose many other names that the Cabinet Press office tried to hide. Their agenda is psychological reprogramming / reframing of the British public to achieve political and social change. Their agenda is well suited to the Common Purpose model. Other significant and surprising links shown include the Young Foundation, the Franco British Council, the DEMOS Advisory Panel for Progressive Conservatism and the White House.
Most explosive in our network diagram is the powerful position of the Franco British Council (FBC), now shown to be driving British political policy, including defence (in conjunction with the Royal United Services Institute, RUSI). As a registered charity, working to political ends, FBC fits both the Mulgan and Middleton model. Much more sinister is the fact that Cameron has used FBC within 10 Downing Street to plan yet more psychological and behavioural change initiatives for the British general public – even using French President Sarkozy’s top neuro expert Prof. Olivier Ouillier.
Central to the quisling network is the public sector, such as DWP, Dept Health and Ministry of Defence, shown with logos in the centre of the diagram. Documents seen by the UK Column indicate that the staff within these departments are to be politically and socially re-framed as a priority by means of internal Behavioural Change Units. Once this process has been completed, the ‘reframed’ departments will then be better placed to run Behavioural Change programmes for the public and the wider spread of Charities, Trusts, Local Government, Local Government Training Organisations, and NGOs of the Third Sector. Highly active within this mix is the Oxford Said Business school, itself linked to Common Purpose and French NLP experts.
The Cabinet Office has already lied about contracts with Common Purpose. To date the Cabinet Office has also refused to reveal the value of the Common Purpose behavioural training received by the Top 200 Civil Servants. The press office has also totally denied the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, although we are already aware of contracts by NLP World, Coaching Leaders NLP and Life Coach NLP. Why would the Cabinet office want to lie? As a further example of the pressure to implement behavioural training, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) spent some £25 million on behavioural change under the guidance of Helen Ghosh, even before setting up their Behavioural Unit. Ghosh is now Permanent Secretary of the Home Office.
So secret are the Behavioural Reframing Units that, just as with the Cabinet Office media team, the Defra press office refused to reveal to the UK Column who was in charge, how many were in the team and what their annual budget was. Welcome to Cameron’s transparency in government.

Lord Wei – Big Society Guru.  Aged 33 years.

Just what is all this behavioural reframing about? Our diagram shows top right that both the public sector and the Big Society initiative are being used to change the values, behaviour and beliefs of every single member of society. Most worryingly for parents, Lord Wei has been parachuted in by Cameron to lead the Big Society. His connections and interests lie with children and he is an advisor to the Government Office for Civil Society. Only 33 years old, we wonder where his knowledge or wisdom to lead society come from? Certainly he will be well aquainted with the immensely powerful industrial military firms such as Vickers and BAE Systems that are lining up to take control of the Academy System (ARK) schools. Taking children from pre-school to 18 years old, the Academy system will include on site Children’s Services and behavioural ‘therapy’ – sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The British public – individuals and families – men, women and children are the target of the “Quisling Brainwashing Network.”  Alongside the political lies, corrupt courts, fraudulent banks and heavy-handed police, we are now to be psychologically attacked not just to obey the new political elite, but to be happy doing so. The danger is real and obvious. Talk about it, tell your friends, laugh at it, refuse to be conned, bring your MP to account. Say no! The use of psychological manipulation without your permission is assault.
Need we say more?

I am not sure anyone can stop this process apart from a government determined to bring back independence from the OWE.  If elections are being rigged to order, and now with the forthcoming mechanisation of voting, taken beyond any chance of a rebuilding of our democracy, the only path back is via a military coup.  All we can do is prepare peoples’ minds for that eventuality.

Only the Army would have the power to seize back the country that has been taken away from us.  It wouldn’t be the first time in history that Parliament has become hopelessly corrupted and ”Kings” overly powerful.  When a modern Oliver Cromwell appears, he should be supported by the people of Britain.  He can throw out the garbage that has rotted our country, and we can start all over again.  It’s only three hundred and fifty odd years ago since we last needed him.  As they say,  the history book on the shelf is always repeating itself.

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8 Responses to “Obey The Big Society? Or Look For A New Cromwell To Free Britain.”

  1. Odin's Raven says:

    Instead of a Cromwell we could get a Gaddafi, or more likely just some other idiot led around by the traitors in the background.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh! dear Tap, you paint a very dark, sinister picture, not what I want to read with my Sunday cornflakes. Nevertheless you have put flesh on the bone, as more and more of this ‘conspiracy’ becomes evident.
    As a member of a disenfranchised public, I feel helpless and as such feel that a military coup would be the only possible way of recovering our country, but will it happen? …not whilst I am alive I’m afraid.

  3. Twig says:

    Do you still think that the Tory backbenchers will overthrow Cameron?

  4. Tapestry says:

    backbenchers. I don’t see any imminent action. But you never know. Events might conspire to trigger growing rebellion.

  5. BRIT says:

    I can only recomend that your readers go to “LAWFUL REBELLION” , click on to “our effective and peacefull actions under our ancient rights etc. under Article 61 of the Magna CARTA 1215”. DON’T FORGET, THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE OF THEM.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tap, there is a subject that has slipped into the background of my mind but now that the EU is taking an interest in the events in North Africa, it raises its head again. Would be very interested in your views on Eurabia.
    On the face of it, The EU has enough on its plate, however, might it think that some arab oil could solve its sovereign and bank debt problems and leave it in serious competition with the US?
    Absolutely barmy? Maybe but who orchestrated these uprisings and why? Who could benefit from them? Not obviously the US or Israel, so who and why and would the EU or Arabia be the ultimate winner over time?
    A David

  7. Anonymous says:

    My comment does not seem to have been accepted so try again in brief.

    Now that the EU is taking an open interest in the events in North Africa, do you have any views on who might be behind the recent popular uprisings in various Arab states and who might benefit/disbenefit from Eurabia becoming a political reality, at last?

    A David

  8. Tapestry says:

    A David, see this weeks most read posts.

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