USA Government Poisoning Its Own Troops

From comes the opinion that the gulf oil spill and its aftermath is a human depopulation event.  Thousands of tons of toxic seafood has been sold to the US armed forces continuing the policy of poisoning the current generation of soldiers loyal to the USA.

These soldiers are all that stands between the OWE and total world domination.  The next generation of military forces will be trained to be loyal to no country, with forces sliced up between many nations.  They sent tens of thousands into permanent disability after both the Gulf Wars with multiple vaccines overpowering the nervous systems of the troops with toxins and viruses.  To that will now be added another toxic input –  gulf spill toxic seafood.

Extract From Examiner

Corexit is having a “profound effect on soil and air in the Gulf Coast area, and it will travel,” stated Crane, yet “outside the immediate Gulf Coast area, it is a non-event. This is ancient history. You might as well be talking about 911.”

“Some of the terminology does not help!” Crane asserted.

“When did this start getting called an ‘oil spill’? This is not a spill… This is an environmental disaster of enormous magnitude. It will reach far and wide.”

Crane highlighted poisoning occurring through seafood, now with help of the military purchasing 3,000 tons of Gulf seafood for servicemen, also selling in their commissaries.

There was much mainstream media coverage until July when federal agencies and BP announced the oil was gone, but since, Subra explained:

We’ve been left… without any information disseminated by mainstream media. Now, the Coast Guard reports that all the beaches will be OK in a month or two. If that message keeps getting out… we are going to see a huge number of people sick. They will be very, very sick.

Continue reading on Top ex-oilfield executive says Gulf op a depopulation event. 100,000 now sick. – National Human Rights

Can it be an accident that the US Government wants to follow up the injury to tens of thousands of its troops from ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ with further toxic insult from ‘Gulf Spill Seafood’?  Maybe.  But somehow I don’t think the OWE is that dumb.  They know what they are about, and eliminating the current generation of military, and replacing them with a ruthless new generation of youth, with little loyalty to the US Republic, would serve their purposes nicely.

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