Sometimes Kids See More Clearly Than Adults

This from a debate between Roger Helmer and Bill Newton Dunn at a school in Leicester.  A perceptive question was placed from the floor –
Bill had made great play of the wonderful opportunities in the EU for British people to work in other member states.  Quite separately, he also talked about the way in which English had become the lingua franca of the EU.  It is the preferred second language of most non-English speakers.
 Jessica’s question was: “If most Europeans can speak English, they can all apply to work in the UK, whereas we Brits won’t speak all or most of the continental languages, so our opportunities will be relatively limited — won’t this create problems for us in our own jobs market in the UK?”.
 Bill waffled and looked embarrassed.  I (Roger Helmer) replied “That’s a remarkably perceptive question — and the answer is YES”.
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