Shropshire Council Chief Finds Solace In Luxury

Kim Ryley, the highest paid Council Chief in Britain in 2009 is Shropshire Council’s Chief Executive.  He also runs ”The Society For Council Chief Executives”, called Solace ….

(He’s taking the piss). 

Champagne flowed at the £240-a-head black-tie dinner in a ballroom of the sumptuously restored Savoy hotel in London…The host, Kim Ryley, the £180,000-a-year head of Shropshire council, and president of Solace, the society of chief executives, said in his address that councils were “the most efficient part of the public sector”. Five days later his council said it would shut nine schools, on top of forecasts of 1,300 job losses.” –Sunday Times (£)

But not his own job apparently.  

If local government’s the most efficient part of government, God help the rest.  Efficient in what way, precisely?  Finding nice jobs for a clubby network? and keeping in with Common Purpose, possibly?

Here is a 2009 Report about his former job as Chief of Hull City Council where he was the highest paid Council Chief in the land.

TOP-EARNING city council chief executive Kim Ryley is set to leave the authority.
An official announcement confirming his decision to leave the Guildhall after nearly five years in Hull is expected to be made this week.
It is believed he is set to become the first full-time chief executive of the new-look Shropshire County Council.
The unitary authority was created in April this year when the old county council covering Shropshire merged with five district councils.

Yeah,  that’s going to be a huge strain.  They all had absolutely nothing to do, which is why they were closed.  

Mr Ryley is one of the highest-paid figures in local government, earning more than £200,000 last year.
His £192,493 salary for 2008/09 was topped up with a £10,815 payment from the Government for his role as the returning officer in last year’s council elections.
Together, the combined pay-out eclipsed Prime Minister Gordon Brown‘s salary of £194,250.
Mr Ryley is lined up to take over from interim chief executive Sheila Healy, who earned a salary of between £149,000 and £170,000.
It is expected he will start his new Shrewsbury-based post in September.
The Shropshire council covers a population of 290,000, compared with Hull where there are about 250,000 people.
During his time in Hull the city council has gone from being labelled the worst-performing local authority in England to being judged a three-star performer – out of a possible four stars – by the public spending watchdog the Audit Commission.

OK I’m sure he’s got something between his ears, but is running a Council taking instructions from central government, and splurging largesse to one’s buddies, really so traumatic a task that it requires paying at the same level as the job of Prime Minister?

He has also witnessed a dramatic political turnaround, with Labour losing its long-held grip on power to the Liberal Democrats.

One bunch of socialists replaced with another determined to spend even more.  Music to his ears no doubt.

Despite the council’s progress, his salary has remained a controversial talking point.
Earlier this month one leading union official at council said Mr Ryley’s pay could no longer be justified.

You mean, it used to be justified?

Speaking to the Mail after the chief executive confirmed plans to reduce “unsustainable” redundancy pay-outs at the council, Unite convenor Dave Mathieson said: ” At a time when Mr Ryley is proposing to cut the conditions of his staff, I think he should be doing the same with his own salary.
“I do not believe that paying him more than the Prime Minister is justifiable.”
His looming departure is expected to see deputy chief executive Nicola Yates fill his shoes until a permanent replacement is found.
Ironically, she was previously chief executive at one of the five now defunct district councils in Shropshire before coming to Hull just over a year ago.
Well done, Shropshire.  We might not be the biggest, but where it comes to paying council executives, we’re right up there with the best.  Doesn’t it make you proud!  Give them more Solace, I say!

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Why Is This Story Appearing In The Comments?  What’s Going On?

Further reading around this brings me to this blog

Since our visit to Shrewsbury on Thursday Robert has upped the anti and has
written to all 74 Shropshire Councillors demanding they sack their Chief
Executive Kim Ryley, particularly as he dances to the tune of an entity by
the name of Greg Lance Watkins whom we know for a fact to be a friend of
paedophiles, whether or not he is actually one himself, although he does
hold convictions for firearms and GBH offences of which he appears to be

Certainly if Ryley is colluding with accomplices to paedophilia and other
such criminal low-life, surely neither Shropshire nor any other Council
should want him in post.

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6 Responses to “Shropshire Council Chief Finds Solace In Luxury”

  1. robert green says:

    Ryley is even worse than many people think. He is responsible for the cruel and groundless attacks on Ruyton Down`s Syndrome rape victim and her mother, at Shropshire`s expense, thought to be at least six figres and rising

  2. Tapestry says:

    Has that been reported in the media anywhere? I hadn’t heard of it before. Is he responsible in the sense that he’s the chief exec and therefore responsible for all that takes place on his watch, or has he been involved in the decisions taken personally?

  3. robert green says:

    No, there`s a gagging order on the mainstream media, as it`s connected to some very series crimes committed in Scotland which will ensnare many leading figures there – it`s ascandal of stunning magnitude.

    I`ve challenged Ryley over the conduct of his staff, including Tim Collard and Stephen Chandler. Both have been caught out lying in coiurt dcuments and the Information Commissioner has officially confirmed that Shropshire Council has broken the law over the Hollie Greig issue.

    Ryley, Collard and Chandler have thus lost all credibility and their respective positions are untenable. The gag is the only thing that`s still saving them.


  4. Tapestry says:

    I thought the Holly Greig case was in Scotland. In what way was Shropshire Council involved in that case? How did you challenge Ryley, by letter? Are you a solicitor? So many questions, here. Why not write out the full story so people can get what you are on about.

  5. Robert Green says:

    The story of Hollie Greig is worldwide, but I would suspect many people in China, the USA and Pakistan know more about this horrifying and staggering story than the people of Scotland and Shropshire.

    I am not a solicitor, but I am a broadcaster and journalist and act as pro bono lay legal representative to Hollie and Anne Greig.

    Quite apart from all the astonishing magnitude of the background information and documentation that exists all over the web, the fact is that as far as Shropshire is concerned, the Information Commissioner has ruled that the council has broken the FOI law and as a result of his inquiry, he established that senior officers Tim Collard and Stephen Chandler had repeatedly lied over the appalling raid on the home of Hollie and Anne in Ruyton on the 3rd June last year, instigated by senior council officials.

    Check out holliedemandsjustice or view Robert Green Wake Up Call or the South African film Robert Green Freedom Central.

    You can be sure that local media outlets the Shropshire Star and BBC Radio Shropshire have been firmly told to keep the facts of this shocking case from the people of Shropshire.

  6. Tapestry says:

    So just being lazy and hoping for a shortcut, why are Holly and Anne living in Ruyton XI Towns?

    Why has the home of these two been raided by the Police? Is it intimidation?

    I guess I’ll have to click on your links to find out.

    Could I ask where do you broadcast from as a rule? As you say, I don’t think anyone in Shropshire has any idea that this case has a local dimension at all.

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