Recommended Reading For Eurosceptics

Himmler – a founding father of the EU – offered to sell the Jews to Britain and the US and send them to Spain.  Our governments declined.

From The Tap comments –

Phillip Day’s stated that ‘parts of’ (my words) the Common Market were conceived in a bunker in Berlin in 1942 by the Nazis. I say ‘parts’ because the ideology was begun twenty odd years before.

Day also went on to say that the Euro Army have its headquarters in what was formerly the Gestapo headquarters in Germany. Strange coincidences. 

This from Phillip Day’s book ‘Ten Minutes to Midnight’ in which he describes the actions and desires of the EU in destroying Britain (amongst other nations). Phillip Day is a Doctor of medicine, and has much to say about the medical profession and its cover-ups: 

‘Ten Minutes to Midnight’ can be found in his book list. Further curious tales can be found on Scorcha Faal’s site:


Derek’s reading recommendations have proved very good in the past.

ADD to that this Rense radio piece, which explodes the myth that the West didn’t know about the concentration camps, and yet never touched the railway lines and the infrastructure that delivered the millions to their deaths.  This interview also describes the central bankers financing Hitler imagining him a bulwark against Stalin, and how the US saved the top Nazis after the war.  The records came available for researcher David Loftus to expose these and other shameful stories.  The notion that the EU was conceived in part by the Mazis is not fanciful but historical fact.

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  1. BRIT says:

    1/ The jewish banker Jacob Schiff of the bank Kuhn, Loeb &Co. financed the Russian revolution along with a group international bankers,( mainly jewish).The jewish communists then took control of Russia. Hitler decided to print his own money, and from then on he was doomed. Besides controlling all money supply, the jewish fraternity took control of ALL the medias.This is where the exaggerations of the holocaust come from. Although ALL the concentration camps were visited on a regular basis by the Red Cross, there was not one single report of gas chambers, genocide, etc.. There were lots of reports, however, about mass deaths from typhoid. A Bitish Army report stated that more people died from typhoid in Bergen Belson after the war than during the war. A number of British soldiers also died from this plague. Hitlers plan for Europe was grains from the East European countries, Germany to be the powerhouse, and for the UK, SOME FARMING AND TOURISM. As we can see today, our government is controlled, the country is de-indusrialised, Germany is the powerhouse, and we are governed from the EU (BUT NO ONE CAN KNOW JUST who MAKES THE RULES), just as no one knows WHO owns the Bank of England (or the Federal Reserve Bank of America). Only one party has the policies to change this, no wonder the media never stops belittling us. Beautiful Native People.

  2. Tapestry says:

    That’s getting a bit muddled, Brit. It’s often best to deal with each topic one at a time, and not to look for a common theme beyond that. I am not a holocaust denier. In fact the holocaust was much bigger than the 6 million Jews. There were 12 million others exterminated by the Nazis who rarely get a mention. That is the inaccuracy of history, the emphasis on the Jewish element.

    In the same way, not all Central Bankers are Jewish.

    Otherwise you have some interesting points.

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