Nukes Confirmed In Hands Of False Flag Terrorists

USAF nuclear weapons mysteriously disappeared two years ago.  No one has ever found them since, and for some reason, the loss of nuclear weapons into thin air, a less than trifling matter, I think you’d agree, has dropped out of the news.  The false flag terrorists (the One World Government) is always talking about the possible use of a ‘dirty’ bomb.  Nothing would be dirtier than  the use of a nuclear weapon by a government against its own people.

They’re not seriously suggesting nuclear weapons just disappear, are they.  There is a reason this story has been pushed off the news agenda.  Something tells me it won’t be a nice one.

In this short clip, Gates alludes obliquely to the fact that nuclear weapons are missing.  He suggests it was a slight slip in standards.  That’s all.

Brasscheck TV.

‘handled safely in the future’…. You bet it is.

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