Ireland Will Bite Back

The Spectator reports in mild tones how Ireland has learned not to trust the EU in this nicely written piece by Daniel Korski.

Ireland is more likely to vote NO in any future EU referendum, he concludes.

He’s turning his boat to follow the fleet months after it left the mild seas of last summer.  If the harder line views of Gerry Adams appeal to the Irish electorate, and Sinn Fein hold the balance of power after the forthcoming election, you can kiss goodbye to European unity.  You can watch banks like AIB being closed down, and you will see Ireland repudiating her debts.

Egypt will seem like a cake walk.  Ireland will not allow corrupt outsiders to bankrupt her.  The oil that sits off her coast will be nationalised.  Shell will be sent walking.  Try again, Daniel.  He writes –

Starting a decade of EU-imposed austerity and without an option to default, Ireland’s voters are unsurprisingly – albeit a bit conveniently – growing more eurosceptic. Polls are moving in the same direction. Senior politicians from all parties are sounding increasingly eurosceptic, while a previous generation of pro-EU politicians, many of whom created Ireland’s mess, are retiring in shame.

ALSO – Gerry Adams is trying to stop the Queen’s visit to Ireland.  I haven’t seen this reported in the UK.

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