”Inside Job” Documentary Warns The World

This documentary explains to the American people what has happened to them, with the financial world being let free from control.  It is now out of control.  That also means what has happened to the rest of the world, and is still happening.  The full consequences are yet to be felt.  A telling phrase from this award-winning documentary is ”It is a Wall Street government”.  The power of money runs politics, not the other way round, and that means the power of money is running the world, with politics a sham.  It’s hardly news, but it helps people to realise what the situation is.  It does not help in understanding how the situation will be resolved, though.  That will have to be a military coup d’état.

What else can re-establish the natural structures of power?  Let alone Libya, it is America and Europe that need an overthrow of the powers that control them.  Because if there isn’t a coup d’etat against the One World Government, the process of enslavement and destruction has a lot further to run.   Agenda 21, in the clip below, of The United Nations is the most evil program ever to devised by any organisation throughout history.  It is already enacted into American law, and merely awaits the moment when the totalitarian regime that runs the world is ready to openly declare its existence.


RealEconTV – The Academy Award for Best Documentary this year went to “Inside Job.” The winner stood up and said in calm, even tones in essence that Wall Street bankers need to start going to jail. The audience applauded and hundreds of millions of people who never watch or read the news (or understand it it they do), got the message. 

And that is not even the half of it.

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