EU Protects Child Pornographers And Rapists. Whatever Happened To The Human Rights Of Children?

British MPs are sufficiently exercised about the ECHR’s preference to give prisoners the vote that they want to break with the ECHR and set up Britain’s own Bill Of Rights.  The legal implications of such a move run very deep, as the Law will not permit Parliament to rebel against the decisions of the ECHR.

If prisoners’rights are enough to stir a bit of euroscepticism, then surely EU attitudes to child sex and child pornography should be an even greater stimulant to revolt against what is tantamount to evil incarnate.

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The Guardian reports that MEPs are due to vote on a new measure which could compel EU member states to inform publishers of child pornography that their images are to be deleted from the internet. Child pornographers will also have to be informed of their right to appeal against any removal. The move has been accused by charities of prioritising the rights of child pornographers over victims.

The EU is so crammed full with paedophiles that such measures are regarded a merely routine.  Is that what British people voted for?  The British Bill Of Rights should re-establish the rights of children not be raped by adults, or be used for pornographic pleasure.  I think this coming measure will look less than good for the EU in the papers, if a few more have the decency to run the story.  

The Guardian was all in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, but somehow failed to observe that it made paedophilia a  permissible sexual orientation.  Are they waking up to the full horror of the EU and the O.W.E (One World Elitists) and their child-molesting ways?

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