Don’t Die Of Ignorance

I’m reading a book called WORLD WITHOUT CANCER by G.Edward Griffin which explains that cancer doesn’t exist in many places on earth where people have a diet rich in Vitamin B17, which poisons tumors and kills them.  Just as scurvy was originally thought to be caused by an infection for centuries until the cause was found to be a deficiency in the sea-going diet of Vitamin C, this book makes the case for the belief that Cancer is also an unnecessary illness, as we could all be consuming far higher levels of Vitamin B17 and preventing it, just like the peoples who already live free from cancer in various parts of the world.

The second half of the book deals with the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA, which have done all they can to stop the idea of B17 being a cancer-beating vitamin from getting across to the people, as it would prevent so much disease, and greatly reduce the profits and size of the pharmaceutical/medical industry.

(Big business took over the medical world in the twentieth century creating the most profitable business cartel of all time).

The same could be said of most illnesses and diseases.  Big business knows what substances make us ill, things like Monsanto’s PCB, which was licensed for use on farms despite all the evidence of it being totally lethal.  And they know what things would make us well, at little cost, if only we knew what they were.

The vested interests of big business persuade governments to keep all such information out of peoples’reach.

Not only that.  The foods that deliver health, and the knowledge as to what they are, are increasingly being removed from view.  Next year the EU is banning most health foods, for this exact reason.  We suffer from the death industry, which knows we only spend money when we are sick and dying.  Health simply cannot be permitted.  There’s no money in it.

Search B17 on the internet, and the list of foods which stop cancers before they get started, are easy enough to find.  Don’t key ”çancer” on the search engine, as you will not find the cures mentioned anywhere under that heading, or you will find primitive efforts at propaganda to stop you from looking properly into the role of B17.

Death and disease belong to big business.  They will keep you in ignorance and deliver you your allocation as soon as you let them.   Health is all up to you to find out about for yourself.

The book, by the way, cost me GBP 30, is second hand and was sent from South Africa.  No regular book outlet would dare stock it, although you can get it on Amazon.  My local book shop which gets me lots of titles called it a ”çonspiracy” book as their normal suppliers don’t want to stock it.  Amazon delivery has not been reliable of late, so I ordered it from the book shop and paid extra, to be sure it turned up on time for my departure.  I am already adjusting my diet on the strength of it.  Apple pips.  Apricot seeds.  Linseeds.  Various nuts.  Now where are the crackers?

And no I am not one of them, thank you, the sceptics!  Don’t wait til you have cancer before looking into diet, as even if you cure the cancers, cancer can damage your organs sufficiently to take your life.

B17 can reduce pain and fatigue for cancer sufferers.  Beating the industry that doesn’t care about our health, and avoiding this illness completely is the best option, it seems to me.

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  1. Derek says:

    Amen to that!
    Have you seen the price of Apricots lately?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Not many around where I am – Manila. The price of every asset is surging, as the derivatives losses of the banks are covered by price manipulation. The price surge will be followed by an equally mad price fall, one imagines. But when? Is this the sea pulling out before the tsunami arrives.

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