The AV YES side Are Funded By ERS Purveyors Of Electoral Machination

Anonymous says:
Ireland tried electronic voting but gave it up because you could not trust the lack of a paper trail. Labour postal votes anyone?
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    Tapestry says:
    That’s exactly why they want it. Election results can be keyed in to order, and made to match the detailed voting with ease. They are not counting machines, but cheating machines, where one controller at a PC can decide the election result, and no one can know where the cheating was done, as the details are smoothly adjusted in a way that will not alert suspicion.
    By having counting centres, the people at Constituency level take responbsibility for their count. You need a lot of ”people” in place in local authorities to rig a seat, which is not impossible, but needs a lot more management than a machine-based system, where the trail is invisible.
    By making the whole election linked up to one information system, there is only a single point of control at the top.
    If anything there should be more counting centres not less. Each polling station should do its own count, and communicate its results to a central counting location by email and mobile phone.  The voting could be easy to verify at that level, and no ballot boxes need moving anywhere.  At the same time, the information should be copied to the media, so that all news organisations can do their own count at the same time as the Constituency and central controllers do their sums. That way the opportunities to rig seats would be reduced not increased, as will be the case with electoral ”machination”. The very word means rigging, does it not?
    Once AV is in place, and counting responsibility removed from Constituencies, electoral rigging becomes a simple affair.  The polls coming up to election day need to state the result you want.  All the machine will do is bring it about, as the machine operator indicates.

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    UPDATE : The Speccie have a scoop on the milllion quid donation from ERS to the “Yes to AV”campaign, ERS is funded by ERS Ltd which, errm, runs electronic voting systems. What does the ERS say about electronic voting? It is the future appparently they say because:

    • It encourages electoral participation, especially among the young, who are by far the group least likely to vote.
    • Voting online can include better links between the vote and the information on which a vote should be based, thus leading to more informed decisions.
    • By logging all votes electronically, the counting process is carried out more-or-less instantly.

    So it looks like Yes to £250 million (and the rest) of electronic voting machines run by ERS Ltd…

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