Are Labour Preparing To Launch A Bid For The Eurosceptic Vote?

Something up your sleeve, eh Ed?

Peter Bone explains brilliantly the arithmetic and morality of the parties’ support or otherwise for an In/Out Referendum, as evidenced by their voting on the amendment in the House Of Commons last week.  The whole piece is well worth a read by any eurosceptic, but the really fascinating bit came at the end.

Not a single Labour MP voted against the In/Out referendum clause.

Peter Bone believes that Labour are preparing to launch a bid for the eurosceptic vote at the next general election, stranding the Conservatives, who have failed to provide a referendum on the EU as David Cameron promised.  This is now the Achilles heel of the Cameron Coalition.

Bone’s words were these –

Turning to Labour, four of them supported the new clause calling for an in/out referendum. 253 of them abstained. Not a single Labour MP voted against the call for an in/out referendum. Here lies the real cause for concern for the party: Labour has left itself the option of supporting a policy at the next general election which would call for an in/out referendum on Europe. That could have massive and damaging consequences for Conservative candidates fighting the next general election.
It has already been argued by many people that the failure by the party to offer a referendum on Europe cost us seats and an overall majority. What damage would be done at the next election if we went in to it saying no to an in/out referendum and Labour went in to it guarantee an in/out referendum?

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3 Responses to “Are Labour Preparing To Launch A Bid For The Eurosceptic Vote?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the degree damage would depend upon whether it was a cast iron promise or a manifesto pledge. But then again………..

    A David

  2. Tapestry says:

    the word euroscepticismscepticism suggests itself.

  3. BRIT says:

    Can I ask all your readers to log on to Lawful Rebellion, click on “ancient rights under article 61 of Magna Carta, 1215”, and read/download the definitive statement therein. It encompasses virtually all the concerns expressed on your blogs. I highly recommend it.

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