America Prepares For War

Here are some facts about the growth and size of spiralling US military spending.  No country throughout the history of the world has developed such a powerful armoury.  Be sure from past track record that the OWG wants to use these weapons.

Did you know that the U.S. public wants military spending cut? Did you know that President Barack Obama wants to increase it for his third year in a row? Actually I already know that most of you didn’t know either of these things.

A poll released on Tuesday and in line with other polling over the years asked: “To ensure its safety, should the United States always spend at least three times as much on defense as any other nation?” This question mislabels the military “defense,” which most of it isn’t, and claims the interest of “safety,” albeit in the context of other questions about spending money, and yet only 25% of voters said yes, while 40% said no and 35% were not sure.

In reality, the United States could cut its military budget (just the Department of so-called Defense, not counting the hundreds of billions spent through other departments) by 85% and still easily be the most expensive military on the planet. Taking the DOD down to merely three times the expense of China’s military (the world’s next largest) would mean cutting it by 55%. Taking it down to twice China’s military would mean cutting it by 70%.


The actual budget funded by our income taxes is dominated by the military. When all types of military and war spending are added up, they amount to more than half of the budget. So, the proposed five-year freeze applies only to a minority of the budget, just about all of which has a superior impact on the U.S. economy to military spending.  

Global Research

The vast amounts being spent, combined with the evidence of programmes to take over direct control of Arab North Africa, and to militarise all of Central Asia, suggest that the USA is preparing for a war to achieve world domination with no region untouched..

Britain’s navy is clearly not required.  But our troops who will take heavy casualties clearly are.

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  1. BRIT says:

    Eventually,almost all truths will come out. The latest is that the US have approached the Afghan government for PERMANENT bases in Afghanistan. Why, knowing that the Afghan people will hate it and resist all the more? Every muslim psyco will be heading there for years to come and the Afghan people will be trashed. Another one for the OWG.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I didn’t mention Libya which I might have! But the forecast looks a ”good” one three months later!

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