Will The Oldham Byelection Be Rigged?

No mention of Glenrothes East. If The Order commands a result for a byelection, they can usually get the result they require. By one means or another. BNP votes stand a good chance of being ignored and added to Labour’s. ‘A few’ Conservative votes could be allocated to the Lib Dems as the OWG would not want the Lib Dems humiliated. They are needed to keep the eurosceptics on the Conservative backbenches in check.

     by Tapestry January 13th, 2011 at 20:18
comment I left on politicalbetting.  Mike Smithson was looking at how significant a win might be for Labour and Miliband’s leadership.  Yet he failed to mention the strong evidence of poll rigging in recent byelections such as took place at Glenrothes, where the Register actually disappeared, before reappearing six months later with all the names deleted.  The best way to forecast an election result is to imagine what result The Order would most like to see, as that is the one that has the biggest chance of occurring.
The BNP are the only party that opposes Britain’s involvement in The War On Terror, and so will inevitably never be allowed to prosper at the ballot box.  Labour will win with a stronger showing than expected by the Lib Dems.  UKIP will put in a useful performance, but not enough to scare the horses at Number 10 Downing Street, where Cameron has been a very good NWO/EU boy of late.  There is no way the feelings of voters will be reflected in the outcome.
It looks as if they’re going to be up to their usual tricks…..(from comment  by Andy JS on political betting)

A council’s “draconian” ban on journalists and photographers at Thursday night’s crucial Oldham by-election count has come under attack by media organisations.
Town Hall officials have ruled press will only be able to watch the count from a balcony at the venue and any access to candidates must go through a council press officer. Reporters are normally allowed on the floor of election counts to speak to candidates while reporting first-hand on the action.
The Press Association and the BBC have both made complaints about the running of the event by Charlie Parker, the acting returning officer and chief executive officer of Oldham Council.
Apart from the exclusion of the BNP, this byelection is crucial for the coalition, as it must show Conservatives and Lib Dems that by working together they stand a chance, but by standing apart from each other they will lose.  The seat had to be rigged to get the practice of cooperation established, or if the coalition were to fail, the next stop will be for the eurosceptics to seize control.  They won’t stand for that.
How did my forecast do?  For the answer go to http://the-tap.blogspot.com/2011/01/this-was-my-forecast-made-last-night-no.html
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  1. Quiet_Man says:

    Will The Oldham Byelection Be Rigged?

    Do bears sh*t in the woods? Is the Pope a Catholic?

    It has become increasingly obvious over the last few years that the establishment are skewing the results to their own ends, including postal vote fraud as well as register deletion.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I’m sorry to say that The Pope is not a Catholic. Why otherwise would he be justifying paedophilia as normal in his Christmas Message? The Vatican has been penetrated and is now slavish to the One World Government Agenda.

    For Heaven’s sake, they’re even going to introduce birth control in The Philippines. Condom use is permitted only in certain very special circumstances, but the dam of 100% forbidden contraception has been broken.

  3. BRIT says:

    I can only tell you what I know for certain. Both Barnsley and Doncaster have cases of this disgraceful action taking place. In both cases it was the BNP votes that were abused and what happens is that 45 BNP votes will be counted and then 5 OPPOSITION VOTES PLACED ON TOP and the bundle then placed in an opponents line. At the Barnsley scene, no one would check the BNP claim until, because of the ruckus , an independent person came over to query the row. Being assured the row would go if she would look into the claim, she went over to check the Labour votes. Then she called over the scrutineer and, on this occasion, had the crime put right. No, the BNP are not paranoid, its just that we witness the disgraceful and illegal depths that the establishment go to , to do away with opposition.

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