Why Central Bankers Rule The World

What secrets lies behind the twisted lip?

This came in this morning from the Global Research E-newsletter, written by Dr James Polk.  This extract sums things up pretty well, in explaining how central banking has achieved control over the world.  What is not often mentioned, or ever mentioned, is the role that Prince Charles holds within that framework.  The Rockefellers are into power wealth, and world domination.  Charles, also a Central banker, is into sustainability.  What we have is a bizarre trade-off between his environmental folly and the greed, and lust for power of the other Central bankers.

Mere human beings count for nothing, as the sustainability cum power agenda yields population-reduction programmes, using vaccination as the method of delivering high doses of poison and carcinogenic and other viruses into our bodies, along with the adulteration of food and drinks with carcinogenic MSG, aspartame and other permitted poisons, while water supplies, tooth pastes, cosmetics etc are laced with fluoride and toxic metals.  

In Russia the population is tumbling as USAID delivers the ‘health’ service free of charge to the Russian people.  Life expectancy of adult males is now down to 58 years, and fertility rates are tumbling.  This is not caused by alcohol as the media allege, but a deliberate distribution of poisons and viruses via vaccine to a trusting peasant nation.

At the same time health-giving herbs and other sources of vital foods that enhance human health are being restricted or banned.   This report gives more details.

Along with that, we are experiencing the deliberate bankruptcy of nations, ensuring growing slavery to the power of the central banking elite, and the sidelining of our democratic systems.  

The consolidation of economic and financial power in the West at the end of World War II made possible the ensuing rapid and encompassing globalization of inchoate trends already visible in the League of Nations platform.  The establishment of the United Nations in 1945 as well as the foundation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as stipulated by the outcome of the Bretton-Woods Agreement (1944), contributed substantially to the international system of currency and finance of a distinctively Anglo-American character. 

This meant in particular that the central banks of all member nations were largely to adopt the modus operandi of the Federal Reserve system. The printing of national currencies, once the privilege of sovereign governments, was to be replaced by the system of government bonds or IOU issuance, which would then be lent or sold to the private banking cartel (spearheaded by the country’s respective “central-bank”) in exchange for currency notes — with interest due. The outcomes of two world wars, in which a private banking cartel had ultimately written the terms of economic and financial surrender, had forced the vanquished into participant roles in the greatest scam in human history: the creation of money out of thin air through debt, with interest payments in permanent flow to the elite sphere of private bankers — all on a global scale.

Many of the newest investment vehicles and resources discussed in growing numbers of studies have so successfully interlocked the political realm with the corporate/financial that a clear separation is no longer possible. Nevertheless, among wide segments of the populations in many countries, voting citizens are still convinced of the sanctity of the elected office. Such convictions are based on false advertising, and the voters have failed to see the fusion between capital and the successful campaign/office tenure regularly performed behind the smoke and mirrors screens of the mass media. In a number of important instances, even opposition/protest movements have been bought and staged. [8] Yes we can! Si, se puede!  should now be seen as the pitiful chants of all those who fell for the change they believed in. 

Change came in the form of continued bailouts for Wall Street banks, with the former head of the New York Federal Reserve placed comfortably by Obama himself on the throne of the US treasury, immune from critique and reprimand, despite his urgent e-mails to the legal counsel of AIG urging silence in response to congressional queries on the extent of the Fed’s bailout funds funneled into the pockets of Goldman Sachs. (Of course at the time these revelations became public (on the Internet!), the mainstream media was busy convincing the semi-conscious public of the importance of the then-and-now whereabouts of Tiger Woods’s genitalia.) It’s been all business as usual. But the teary-eyed and desperate seem to fall for the Hollywood hype every time: He’s the ONE!

The real power vests not with Tiger Woods or any others who are used to fill our screens, but with Central Bankers who own extraordinary wealth.  These are said to be made up of 13 families – including the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the British Royal Family.  So when trying to understand why things are happening as they are, we need to know why, say, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are pleasing to the elite.  And why erecting useless windmills at vast expense meet their needs.  

It is said that it is the agenda of Prince Charles, whose belief in ‘sustainability’ has been accepted as a trade-off by the oil empire of the Rockefellers.

What else could explain the nonsensicality of how the world is run, than the environmental folly of Prince Charles, combined with the power of the Rockefellers, and the financial machinations of the Rothschilds? 

AS FOR FLUORIDE – It is a known poison around aluminium plants, so why is it being added to public water supplies?  It damages bones in aluminium workers.  It is the leading air pollutant.  Thousands have been injured and many have died after being contaminated and poisoned by fluoride, as at Denora, Pennsylvania, and during the Manhattan Project.  

Animal experiments were carried out on beagles to test the toxicity of fluoride.  The tests showed that the animals developed the same problems as aluminium workers, and died.  The experiment was buried.

Fluoride was promoted through doctors and dentists to recommend fluoride to their patients, as an orchestrated campaign.  To industry it is toxic waste.  It has become accepted by the public as a health-improving substance.

Doctors have warned of the dangers of fluoride – that a low dose of fluoride can injure people in a number of ways.  These doctors were then smeared and their careers ended or damaged.  Fluoride  causes cancer – particularly liver and bone cancer.

It also causes ADD, hyperactivity, memory problems and other mental problems.  Doctors who have opposed fluoride are sent packing.

In the lower clip by Dr Stan Monteith, he claims that fluoride kills male fertility, and causes bone cancer in young men.  Hip fractures are twice as bad in older people.  Heart disease is double.    Yet fluoride is put into public water supply.

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