What’s A Spy Assassin? Someone Who Kills On Command Of Others.

The CIA has a mind control programme, in which they seek to achieve control over the minds of their victims, and use them for experiments or to carry out assassinations, and other missions.  Just such a mind-controlled individual could have carried out the recent assassinations and Julia Gifford’s attempted assassination in Arizona, for example.

This individual was one of the CIA’s failures, who was not able to be broken, despite ten years of heavy useage of mind control techniques.  Her own father delivered her into the system of appalling abuse.  She says she is recovering after twelve years of therapy, but the problem for people like her, the detritus of the CIA’s mind control programme, is the lack of therapists who realise and understand what is going on, and are able to help.

The shootings in Arizona are instantly being used as the excuse to bring in yet more draconian reductions in the liberties of American citizens.  The Congress woman shot and nearly killed was the ideal case to set up this further erosion of liberty, and to demonise the Tea Party, the only political movement in the USA, willing to tackle the power of the secret networks of the One World Government as they apply to the American Republic.

As few Americans are aware that the CIA has the power to direct its mind-controlled victims to carry out assassinations to order, they would not perceive that the recent assassinations were most probably a mere political device to win back lost ground from The Tea Party.

This woman’s testimony, given a few years ago, helps people to realise how such things could happen.  They hope and expect to get away with such acts behind a wall of secrecy, which only the internet can break down.
hattip – Jim Corr.

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