Weather Forecaster Admits On Air Weather Is Being Manipulated With Chemtrails

What’s the idea?  To make the weather colder so we need to buy more oil?  Or hotter in the summer so we need more aircon?

Who authorises the distribution of these chemicals in the sky?  What are they?

The trails could be transatlantic traffic.  Why are they spreading barium, cadmium and other toxins in the atmosphere?  Is this the OWG’s depopulation programme at work attempting to raise the rates of illness yet again?  The weather forecaster is being made to treat the fact of chemtrails as completely normal, yet never before on the planet has anyone admitted that airoplane trails are being used to change the weather.  This is yet another sinister first awareness of something going on in the world, which looks and sounds wrong.

(Hattip Jim Corr)

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2 Responses to “Weather Forecaster Admits On Air Weather Is Being Manipulated With Chemtrails”

  1. Trelayne says:

    Actually, using chemtrails to manipulate weather appeared as a topic that was discussed at the recent summit held in Brittain, and was discussed as an action tha was ongoing. The report was of the conference topics was on the news (internet) for less than a day, then disappeared completely. OOps, gues we the people were not meant to know that.

  2. Trelayne says:

    Morgan Stanley has now entered the oil biz….they also are supplying jet fuel to at least one airline.

    What do you suppose they put in that fuel to make rotten winters and increase the need for greater use of home heating oil???

    Ask them. After all, we the people bailed them out last time they screwed us with their substandard mortgages scam, aren’t we entitled to know how they are screwing us (AGAIN) with our money????

    Morgan Stanley also bought a good part of the NE Home Heating reserve
    (Feb. 2011) from the DOE at bargain basement prices, while NE home owners were paying $3.75 per gallon. How nice for them!!!!

    By 2/11/11, there was 0 gallons of oil in the NE Home Heating Oil Reserve, while the NE was having the worst winter in decades. Isn’t that SPECIAL?

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