Top US Constitutional Judge Assassinated In Arizona

From Brasscheck TV.  One of the few good US Federal Judges who wanted to stop FEMA, and the takeover of the States of the United States by Federal Power, has been assassinated, at the same time as the Congresswoman was shot.  It is here alleged that the assassin of the Congresswoman was a CIA mind control victim.

Sheriff Mack of, the author of The Victory For State Sovereignty and From My Cold Dead Fingers  is the person being interviewed.  He points out that John Roll was the only judge blocking the elimination of the States of the United States, and the continuation of the principle of dual sovereignty, and now he’s dead.

This is Alex Jones again.  Come on all you British snobs who turn your noses up at him.  He’s a hero of democracy, and risking his neck to bring us all this stuff.

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