This Made Me Laugh

There has been a distinct lack of puerile humour regarding the shadow cabinet reshuffle.
Here is some, from The Times
Ed Miliband.
“Well,” he says. “It’s happened. I’ve lost my Johnson. So now I need to rearrange my Balls!”

     by Scott P January 22nd, 2011 at 14:47
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Mrs Balls

Plus two more sent in by Erwin –


In recent weeks and months we may have given the impression that the hundreds and thousands of public servants losing their jobs as part of the government austerity measures were lazy, work shy pen pushers who for far too long had been allowed to stay in non-essential jobs because of Labour’s featherbedding of the public services.
We now realise, in the light of the announcement by George Osborne in the pre-budget report that 100,000 fewer public servants would now loose their jobs, that these workers were in fact hard working, loyal, dedicated public servants who’s undoubted skills have been saved for the nation by the sterling work of this government.
We apologise for any confusion caused, and the person responsible has been sacked, and then re-istated on a higher salary !. 

Another that tickled me was;-


The favourite – is a former Italian anti-Mafia prosecutor – to take over as director-general of OLFA, the European Union’s toothless anti-fraud prosecutor which make the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) look good, is it’s present French Head of investigations. His name— THIERRY CRETIN. 
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