Postal Voting Shrinks In Old & Sad

Political Betting reports that postal voting which was forecast to experts to be at about 40% of the poll, will be coming out a lot less.  This has puzzled Mike Smithson, the ‘genial host’ of the blog, as under Labour, postal and proxy votes rose in number without end.

I left this comment on his blog –

Postal voting.  No doubt there are ways to encourage postal voting, such as ‘don’t worry,lads. no one will investigate, anyway’ which can easily be changed to ‘watch out,lads. the new lot are watching the ball’.

If control of Postal and Proxy votes comes back in, it could turn 100 seats away from Labour in a General Election with votes at 2010 levels, boundary changes or no.

The problem now for the Conservatives is the Lib Dem collapse in favour of Labour.

Despite that, the Coalition will look pretty solid with a fully effective electoral pact, boundary changes and postal voting sorted.

There could, however, be a big move out by mainstream Conservatives to UKIP, if the Hagueite sell-out to the EU continues. Many Conservative MP’s seats would be vulnerable to a swing to UKIP.  As soon as the Lib Dem deal looks secure, Cameron will need to work on his other wing as a matter of urgency.  It is no longer prepared to keep quiet, as Britain is deleted.

Rebellion is in the air.

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