OWG Depopulation Programme Puts Dioxin In The Food Supply

No danger says British Food Standards.

The One World Government is clearly not satisfied with the progress of its vaccination programme in bringing down levels of human population, and has resorted to contaminating the food supply.  The way they have been doing that, in Germany, is loading dioxin into animal feed so that all agricultural output has been made unsafe to consume.

Somehow this was ‘not noticed’ for nine months, even after it was first ‘noticed’, and millions of people across europe eating eggs, bacon, pork, and chicken have been given another heavy toxic load to help make them infertile, miscarry and prone to dying of cancer,let alone the deformed babies yet to be born.

Associated Press –

German investigators have found excessive levels of cancer-causing dioxin in chicken — the first such confirmation of tainted meat since the discovery that German farm animals had eaten contaminated feed, possibly for months.
Three chickens — out of 15 samples of chicken, turkey and pork sent to the EU Commission — showed a dioxin concentration twice as high as legally allowed, an Agriculture Ministry spokesman said Saturday.
Excessive dioxin levels were previously discovered in German eggs.
The spokesman said the meat of the contaminated chickens was not sold but eating it would not have been harmful in the short term  (Nice choice of words – the effects of dioxin can be very longterm.  Any amount of dioxin can seriously harm peoples’ health.  On top of fluoride in water, mercury and untested viruses in vaccines, dioxin in food, here is another toxic load which could push many over the edge into illness and worse.  Social events are usually the final trigger that push people into illness) since the contamination level was so low. He declined to be named in line with government policy.
Germany has frozen sales of poultry, pork and eggs from more than 4,700 farms to stem the spread of food that could have been contaminated with dioxin after livestock feed was found to be tainted.
Fat produced for use in feed pellets contained more than 77 times the approved amount of dioxin, according to tests published Friday by the Schleswig-Holstein state agriculture ministry. The agency also said it had information the German firm Harles & Jentzsch GmbH had been producing tainted fat for months.

Associated Press full report – http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hJg1Pd4VX5I9e3fBdhwsUYDjsSPg?docId=d145ab479f3043829afa88a7d1a1271b

AP again – The British Food Standards Agency said supermarkets had already sold most of the affected food, which had a short shelf life, but added the risks to humans were minimal.
“There is no food safety risk from eating these products,” the agency said on its website.
Italian Health Minister Ferruccio Fazio told Italian TV on Saturday his ministry has asked all farmers who import eggs, milk or meat from Germany to check on dioxin levels, but he said no Italian farmers imported the contaminated feed.
Well they would say that, wouldn’t they, just like they say the same thing about the swine flu vaccine.  The only safe way to live is to buy food locally, but how can you know they aren’t contaminating the animal feed?  You can’t.  You can refuse a vaccine, but you can hardly refuse to eat.  They only meat they can’t easily poison is wild fish.  They really seem determined to wipe out a few billion people as soon as they can.

When will people wake up and realise and ensure tests are carried out locally on food by people they trust?  Clearly big business cannot be trusted to tell the truth, or the Food Standards Agency.  The ultimate in democratic control is to know – ‘is our food being poisoned?’  No one will tell us, as there’s too much money at stake.

UPDATE – The German animal feed supplier Harles & Jentsch were unable to explain why the dioxin continued to be fed into the food chain, nine months after it was ‘discovered’.  The only possible explanation is that they were acting under clear instructions to continue feeding dioxins into the human food chain, as part of the depopulation programme of the One World Government.


EXTRACT – He was also unwilling to explain why, after dioxins were found in feed back in March last year, nothing had been done to alert either the authorities or the general public.

EXTRACT from German newspaper – The scandal has continued to spread across Germany since it emerged that about 3,000 tonnes of industrial fatty acids contaminated with the highly toxic substance dioxin were used to enrich feed for egg-laying hens, poultry and pigs.

As only a small quantity of oil is generally added to animal feed, the original 3,000 tonnes may have been mixed into tens of thousands of tonnes of feed.

This is not the first time dioxin has been added to the food supply .  Note that even in this article on WSJ admitting that dioxins are a more frequent occurrence than accident as the cause, might suggest, the period of time and the weights involved are being played down.

The excess dioxins in Germany stem from 2,500 tons of contaminated feed fats manufactured by Harles & Jentsch GmbH, a local producer, between November and December and mixed into livestock feeds sold by various suppliers.
Elevated dioxin levels in Europe have periodically prompted production freezes and recalls in recent years, including a recall of Irish pork and other meat products in 2008 and the slaughter in Belgium of millions of chickens suspected of dioxin contamination in 1999.


The swine flu vaccine is not a new game either.  There was a similar occurrence of swine flu vaccine fever in 1976 which led to many deaths and was stopped.   The flu killed one.  The vaccine 25. This time the swine flu virus is actually a laboratory mixture of swine, bird and other flus, of highly suspect origin. The vaccine is, it appears, however, as in 1976 more deadly  than the virus, but unlike in 1976, the media is entirely sown up, so that people cannot find out from the normal channels how to weigh up the risks, and that, in general, their lives are in danger from a deliberate programme to kill very large numbers of people.  The dioxin releases are all part of the OWG depopulation game, and food contamination with carcinogens and fertility reducing agents, along with water contamination, is clearly all part of the game.  

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  1. BRIT says:

    This is a quite recent event . The Aspartame scandal that is on the “Strange Comments-Death Threats- And so on” page is another indicator of the depths and depravity that these so-called “leaders” (mainly American and British) will sink to. ALL, and I repeat, ALL the established parties who control those houses on the banks of the Thames (Lords and Commons) are becoming quite blatant in their disdain for the British populace. With complete control of the UK media, the mind-bending, lies, treason and thievery carried out by these mis-representatives of the people seems to know no bounds. Recently, Press TV (financed by Iran) stated categorically that the Bilderberg will have complete control of the EU within 5yrs.
    p.s. The return of the Crown Estates would not be part payment for the treason of The Amsterdam Treaty and The Lisbon Treaty, would it?.

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