The Oldham Count Cheated UKIP of Half Its Votes

It’s always hard to quantify how big are the numbers of votes being ‘rigged’ in British elections.   You have to work from estimates based on the polling information.  For example, the poll featured today on Political Betting tells you how many votes were gained from other parties between the general election at Oldham East & Saddleworth, at the byelection.

9% of general election Conservatives voted for UKIP in the subsequent byelection.  7% of  general election Lib Dems voted UKIP, and 1% of general election Labour voters.  That adds up to 4.9% of the total of all votes in the byelection.  Yet what of those who voted UKIP previously?  The 3.9% who voted UKIP in the general election?  These would presumably have substantially remained with UKIP,and as turnout was much lower in the byelection, might have even increased as a percentage from the same number of voters.

A fair assessment from the information provided would be that UKIP had received 10% of the votes in the byelection.  The 4.9% plus the 3.9% which stretched to 5.1% with the lower turnout, with UKIP voters being older and more persistent.  One or two may have died or fallen ill but not that many.

It is therefore suggested by these figures that about 40% of UKIP’s vote was made to disappear during the count.  There were complaints that the normal cross-supervision of vote counting was not permitted at Oldham during the byelection.  The methods used to rig the ballot are given by a commenter, who cliams the BNP suffered a similar cheating of its true votes total –

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2 Responses to “The Oldham Count Cheated UKIP of Half Its Votes”

  1. Atlas shrugged says:


    All power to your arm dear chap, but you are still confusing me.

    You state possibly quite correctly that the voting system is corrupted beyond most peoples belief, yet you still maintain that democracy can be used as a useful tool.

    I beg to disagree. You can not fight a vastly superior army using its own disregarded obsolete weaponry.

    If you insist on trying to take material rather then spiritual matters into your own hands, then maybe this could be worthwhile advice.

    However I warn you, you and many others may have to brave the cold weather and get off of your lazy, or over busy back-sides and actually do something.

    Ok, I can feel the utter collective dismay from here, however I will carry on regardless.

    Hit he establishment where it is most weak and exposed. Which is THE BBC. I suggest a weekly, if not daily, mass sit down and so COMPLETELY peaceful protest outside Broadcasting House.

    A protest so large and noisy that not even the BBC could possibly ignore such a thing whoever much they may wish to, or be instructed to.

    May I also suggest that this protest must at all cost not involve any party political BS of any kind whatsoever.

    The demand must be for one thing and one thing only, The TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH. A simple message is always best, and this one should unite virtually everyone paying any kind of proper attention.

    Discontent must NOT be directed towards government, of either the secret, or not so secret kind, but almost entirely towards the BBC itself, and preferably also the rest of the MSM.

    You cannot try kicking the establishment in the balls, and expect to get away with it, or indeed achieve anything positive. However you may make a small degree of progress by slapping it VERY gently in its MOUTH-piece.

  2. Tapestry says:

    That is because I don’t have a mechanistic view of humanity. I believe in the effect of cultural influences, which control human behaviour more greatly than 2+2=4.

    If you see evil and then withdraw, evil wins. Evil as we see, hopes and expects that good is more foolish than itself. But evil has weaknesses. In particular it hates to lose face. Good is often weak and slow to react, but good does eventually rise up.

    The best way to fight, though is not to do so too obviously, at least until there is a clear advantage in doing so. In that period of time, which can be long, the opportunity to expose the games of the wrongdoers should be taken.

    If you believe in the ultimate victory of evil, then why are you writing on this blog? Even you have a tiny shred of hope remaining.

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