One Response to “Latest On Vaccines. Wakefield Vindicated.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I, like, so totally believe you, because you look serious and tough, and because, like um, your moms who are autistic, I mean you have autistic kids, so you have probably done research and stuff, and know everything about medicines and how they work. I mean, like, it’s the moms that have to give their kids cough medicine, so like, they know this kind of stuff. They’ve got experience.

    Give me a break. Put your emotions and your conspiracy theories aside. It is sad that kids have autism and I hope we uncover the REAL causes of it, but one we’ve been able to rule out is vaccines. Your passion, energy, and money needs to be re-directed. The needless tragedy here is that people are getting sick and even dying from illnesses we can prevent with proper vaccination, and there are people so invested in the idea that they know what causes autism that they are ignoring the need to look for the real causes. In this crime, you’ve fingered an innocent bystander who happened to be in the vicinity, and the real criminal is still out there getting away with more crimes!

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