Labour Conservative Historic Alliance Against The EU

Labour MPs in alliance with Conservative backbenchers could be fun….over the EU.  Just 38 rebelling Conservative MPs would be needed, and the European Union Bill could fall.  It would be the EU’s first defeat in the British Parliament in history.  

It’s very interesting to see Ed Miliband opposing the EU Bill.  His brother would almost certainly have supported it, had he been Labour leader.  The end of New Labour might be the end of the EU’s control of the House Of Commons.  Let’s hope.  
Conservative backbenchers are preparing to ambush the controversial European Union Bill which goes before the Commons when MPs return from their Christmas break.
Eurosceptic Tories will table radical changes to the legislation, which they claim does not deliver on its promise of a referendum on future transfers of powers to the European Union.
If the changes strengthening the legislation are not accepted by the Government, some Conservatives said they might even vote down the entire Bill.
Last night Labour sources signalled that Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, will order his MPs to oppose the legislation too.
The prospect of a pincer movement of Labour MPs and Tory rebels is acutely worrying for Mr Cameron, whose Coalition majority of 76 would be overturned if just over half that number of Tories joined forces with Labour.
Telegraph today.

My earlier post foretold an imminent backbench rebellion, the most clicked post from December.  This could be it!!!!

And watch Roger Helmer explaining the rebelliousness of Conservative MPs against the EU.

From Conservativehome –

The Telegraph suggests that Labour are open to backing Tory eurosceptic rebels on this matter, although it is surely unlikely that Labour would repeat its feat from the tuition fees vote and deliver a 100% turnout of its MPs. Then there are the assorted nationalists and Unionists to factor into the equation.

Thus far there have been three noteworthy Tory rebellions on European issues since the general election**:
  1. July 14th – 6 Conservative MPs opposed a motion supporting the establishment of the EU External Action Service, with one (Justin Tomlinson) registering a positive abstention by voting in both lobbies.
  2. October 13th – 37 Conservative MPs voted for an amendment to a motion tabled by Douglas Carswell demanding a reduction in the EU Budget contribution – although a further 12 had signed the amendment but did not in the event vote for it.
  3. November 11th – 25 Conservative MPs opposed a motion noting European Union documents relating to the co-ordination of economic policy in the EU.
** A fourth division relating to matters European – namely a motion tabled on December 14th supporting the Government’s approach of working closely with the European Commission to deliver a strong, principles-based framework for financial sector corporate governance – saw just one Tory MP, Philip Hollobone, registering a vote against.
So who were they? (2010 intake are marked with an asterisk*)

A hard core of 5 rebelled on all three of those divisions:
  1. Peter Bone
  2. Douglas Carswell
  3. Philip Hollobone
  4. Andrew Percy*
  5. Mark Reckless*
A further 13 rebelled on two of the three divisions:
  1. Steve Baker*
  2. Brian Binley
  3. Chris Chope
  4. James Clappison
  5. Philip Davies
  6. David Davis
  7. Gordon Henderson*
  8. Julian Lewis
  9. Jason McCartney*
  10. David Nuttall*
  11. John Redwood
  12. Andrew Turner
  13. Martin Vickers*
And 27 rebelled in one of those three divisions:
  1. John Baron
  2. Guto Bebb*
  3. Andrew Bingham*
  4. Bob Blackman*
  5. Andrew Bridgen*
  6. Bill Cash
  7. Geoffrey Cox
  8. Nick de Bois*
  9. Caroline Dinenage*
  10. Richard Drax*
  11. George Eustice*
  12. Zac Goldsmith*
  13. James Gray
  14. Robert Halfon*
  15. Chris Heaton-Harris*
  16. Pauline Latham*
  17. Anne Main
  18. Karl McCartney*
  19. Stephen Mosley*
  20. Dominic Raab*
  21. Simon Reevell*
  22. Richard Shepherd
  23. Bob Stewart*
  24. Andrew Stephenson*
  25. Graham Stuart
  26. Sir Peter Tapsell
  27. Charles Walker
That is a total of 45 Conservative MPs who have voted against the Government in relation to Europe.

It would require pretty much all of them to vote against a three line whip again on January 11th to ensure the defeat about which the Telegraph speculates – and my personal hunch is that this is unlikely. That said, there is over a week to go before the vote and both the rebels’ and whips’ intelligence-gathering operations will be hindered by the fact that MPs do not return to Westminster until the day before the vote.
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6 Responses to “Labour Conservative Historic Alliance Against The EU”

  1. Tapestry says:

    That clicks through to iuniverse –

    America Deceived II
    Homeland Security Warning: Possession of this novel may result in enhanced interrogation.
    By E.A. Blayre III

  2. Atlas shrugged says:

    It’s very interesting to see Ed Miliband opposing the EU Bill. His brother would almost certainly have supported it, had he been Labour leader. The end of New Labour might be the end of the EU’s control of the House Of Commons. Let’s hope.

    HA HA you must be joking surely?

    Oh come of it Tap, with hope like yours, you should be spending all your available cash on lottery tickets.

    I would put my money on the bill going through by at least one vote, because this is how things are done.

    Our politicians have form, when it comes to all things EU. Even Thatcher herself only started to get to grips with what was really behind the EU project, when it was far too late to do anything about it.

    The EU’s masters long knives soon enough did there bloody work, a lesson not forgotten by Cameron, if indeed he is in need of any. Which judging by his efforts so far, he most clearly does not need any more lessons at all.

    This is why our political class are only seemingly against the EU when in opposition. They are all liars taking their orders from civil-servants, that take theirs from bodies such as The RIIA. Who don’t just think the EU is here to stay come hell or high water, they know it is.

    Manipulating the democratic process, while retaining the illusion of democratic choice, is a con-trick the establishment have so successfully and repeatedly pulled off on this, as well as so many other very important issues over many decades, that they now know the pack-drill off by heart.

    Take my advice and please do not hold your breath as far as waiting for the EU to destroy itself. I would not wish to see a good man like yourself, die so pointlessly in such a painful manner.

    The only thing the EU has the potential to destroy is us, as well as everything we most stupidly thought we could never lose.

    For even if the EU seems to have done so, all that will happen is the same thing that has already happened several times before, when the EU has so obviously messed up in the past.

    Instead of getting less or no EU, we will get ever more.

    They will simply claim that the reason why it failed was because the EU was not powerful enough, and use it as an excuse to give The Eu ever more powers.

    If we protest that the EU is not democratically accountable at all, they will simply make it more democratic, and therefore even more powerful and less accountable.

    The people running this as well as most other shows are 3 card tricksters, as well as the most experienced and well paid con artists never to have been found in front of a judge, or a jury.

    Good luck with your self-delusional wishful-thinking, however I have little doubt you will eventually come down to earth.

  3. Tapestry says:

    You are no doubt right Atlas, but Conservative backbenchers might find the spirit to rebel in sufficient numbers. They know that if they don’t many will lose their seats to a UKIP surge. My unremitting optimism is matched nicely by your pessimism. Keep calling in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’d be delighted if ANY EU legislation was defeated in (Westminster) Parliament, but am more pessimistic about its likelihood than you appear to be.
    Others have mentioned how the Whips know where MPs have skeletons buried, & I believe that other agencies/organisations will also have ammunition that could be used to coerce them.

    However, your final point that Tory MPs might actually vote against EU legislation to avoid being ousted by UKIP is IMO optimistic. I believe that nearly all MPs will toe the line to ride the gravy train/remain part of the active political class for as long as possible under present conditions. They’ll probably prefer to cling to power as part of the ConDems than risk long term isolation, as David Davis did when he resigned as a shadow front bencher. Long, or even medium term strategy appears to play no part in their decisions, and to even suggest that principle or the national interest might is IMO naive. You didn’t mention the last two points, but I mention them anyway!

  5. Tapestry says:

    There are some good people who desire good ends in Parliament. Those that are motivated by not losing their seats will be most attentive to any climb in support for UKIP. The Hague Lib Dem strategy has failed from the point of view that the Lib Dems have collapsed from 20% to under 10%. UKIP could become the third party as the Lib Dem rump absorbs into the Conservatives.

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