Iraq Is Oil. Kosovo Is Coal.

The regime in Kosovo is one of the ugliest, with its politicians involved in war crimes, the trade in human organs, the trafficking of women and supply of hard drugs, a mafia state set up by the EU and NATO.  That’s all fine as just like the Iraq war, Kosovo was never about justice.  It’s about the same old game –  controlling the world’s energy reserves.  .

Global ResearchSumming up the reasons for NATO’s war, one mine director told Times’ reporter Chris Hedges: “The war in Kosovo is about the mines, nothing else. This is Serbia’s Kuwait–the heart of Kosovo. We export to France, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Russia and Belgium.
“We export to a firm in New York, but I would prefer not to name it. And in addition to all this Kosovo has 17 billion tons of coal reserves.

Nathaniel Rothschild is building up a vast worldwide coal empire.  I wonder if he’s the customer in New York, mentioned above.  The references below indicate that the Rothschilds are involved in the takeover of Kosovo, and its seizure from Serbia..;wap2
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