HAARP Caught On Video


Sent in by Sue in comments.  What exactly is being shown here?  High levels of energy are being transmitted in waves, with previously unknown characteristics.  This is not nature at work, but a man-made phenomenon.  The one possibility is that HAARP is being used.  Another is that this is skilled video editing.  I am not expert enough to be sure of either explanation.

HAARP has been mentioned as a possible cause of recent mass killings of birds, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean that killed 250,000 people (northern lights were seen on the equator that day, which had never been seen before) and as a cause of the Haiti and other earthquakes.

Then there is this one showing a radar image which is not easy to explain as a weather event.  It didn’t move for a start.  Thousands of birds died where this energy effect was spotted on radar.  Very odd.

Thanks for sending these in, Sue.

From Odin’s Raven – a link showing that rain might have been summoned using HAARP intervention, not as an aggressive act but to stop the droughts afflicting the Australian interior.  They just can’t stop firing off their new toy, it seems.


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  1. Derek says:

    Interesting times.

    Our abilities to manipulate images are well known, even amateurs can produce some quite spectacular film clips. Whether any of the direct links or those additional ‘UFO’ sightings that show at the ends of these clips are manipulated imagery or not is impossible to say. Dead birds and fish however are evidence of some force beyond our knowledge. What else is beyond our knowledge? Space is vast, we can only extrapolate its immensity, and we do so within the confines of our present third dimensional knowledge.

    There are many who believe that extra terrestrials have been with and amongst us for a long time, that visits have been frequent, and any evidence is covered up, hidden away, and kept highly secret which itself increases the intrigue. Amongst those who do not believe the human race alone is the only species to populate a planet are those whose delving into mysticism, symbolism, and mind contact through psychic experiences have created a history of our part of the universe, and of the peoples who inhabit it.

    The natural instinct for most is to dismiss it as fantastic mumbo jumbo, and apply some alternative phenomena as the cause of an event such as HAARP. That itself is quite a secretive device despite so called ‘open days’, and it is not just one site, but I believe from reports a network.

    Some ‘interesting’ links:



    It would take a very long time to read all the work associated within those two links, and I have barely scratched the surface.

    It’s Pandora’s box. Such information could be seen as ‘the light’, conversely (and ironically) as Lucifer unleashed, or just one very complex joke for cranks to have fun with and sell stuff on websites.

    Something that has always held a fascination for mankind is the sky, and the study of the constellations. We gaze at stars and fabulous pictures of coloured nebulae just as we do slowly coiling smoke from a pipe in an air still room. What is this fascination, from whence does it come – our roots?

  2. Twig says:

    I think the Dr.Who theme tune would have been more appropriate on the Norway clip.

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