Dr Monteith Is The Best Exponent Of The New World Order

Cecil Rhodes in centre, Lord Grey left, Lord Abercorn right.

These two internet clips are the most important that exist.  They explain the New World Order.  You need an hour for each.  Dr Monteith is a retired Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Researcher and Talk Show Host from Monterey, California.

(If you prefer reading to watching, read The Depopulation Agenda by Dr Monteith.

The first clip is called   –  None Dare Call It Genocide   –  It begins with 30 seconds of black screen.

The second is called – The Brotherhood Of Darkness.   This explains the development of secret government, what it has done in the past and what it intends for the future.

I’m sorry not to write a summary of the clips, but there is no summary.  This is the essence in as brief an explanation as possible.  Dr Monteith’s interpretation of the facts are his own.  You might hold alternative views.  There are few people on earth who know more about the facts of who is running the world today, how they got there, and what they intend for the future of the world.

Once you know what is knowable, not only might your future actions be altered.  All your previous thoughts about the human race will need fitting in to this ‘new’ structure.  Take it slowly.  There is no point in sensationalising what is already a devastating account of human history in the last 120 years.  I let Dr Monteith speak for himself.

The US Dollar has this symbol.  The words ‘novus ordo seclorum’ mean ‘new world order’.

He states that many people blame the Masons.  Many blame the Jews.  Many the Central Banks.  Many blame the Communists.  Others blame the Socialists.  All of these (apart from blaming the Jews which he points out is not an accurate assessment of the people who initiated The New World Order) are involved, but there is one common thread which links them all into one.  To find out what that single thread consists of, watch The Brotherhood Of Darkness.

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5 Responses to “Dr Monteith Is The Best Exponent Of The New World Order”

  1. Tapestry says:

    This comment showed up on email but for some reason didn’t make it to google’s blogger. what was also odd is that I couldn’t publish it. That tallies with the email I received last week from a reader saying she couldn’t get her comments through to the blog.

    you seem to be becoming a very well informed person mr Tap

    Loving the blog mate, keep up the good work and keep informing those with ears to hear!


  2. Derek says:

    I have had the same problem during the past five days. One I sent to your comments simply disappeared despite showing ‘saved’.

    We are being surveyed and wiped. They don’t like the truth up’em Mr. Mainwaring.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I was dismissive of Gill’s email last week saying she had tried to comment on my blog and couldn’t get her comments through. I apologise to her for that now as it seems to be true from what others are saying. Here is her message –

    I only discovered your web-site in the autumn of last year, after you wrote a short post on A. Campbell’s web-site.

    What a find your site has been! I always knew there was something very wrong about the way in which the world was being run,
    but I wasn’t really sure about what
    exactly was going on.

    I had, like a lot of people guessed it was something to do with the ultra wealthy families of this country and more especially the USA but I had no idea of the lengths they would go to in order to achieve their goals.

    May I applaud you for having the courage to put your head above the parapet, so to speak. I would often have liked to have left a comment on some of your blogs, but google won’t accept me for some unknown reason. Suspect this could be the case for some others also.

    I think many people are aware of what is going on in terms of false flag terrorism etc. but to use that strange phrase, “at the end of the day” I’m not sure that “ordinary” people can do much if anything to stop it, sadly.

    Keep up the good work,

  4. Tapestry says:

    From a depressed reader..

    This comment won’t be worth anything as it is yet another opinion. Everyone likes to leave their opinions all over the place, like graffiti on a wall “I was here”.

    Dr. Monteith speaks a lot of truth. His interest and knowledge of people, times, and events are quite revealing when listened to and I do not doubt his conclusions. My only disagreement, and it is based purely upon an opinion, is his insistence of ‘fearing God’ in order to overcome the Luciferians.

    As much as he propounds the Luciferians as harbingers of evil in the world, I cannot help but think such are created by the insistence of so strong a power in the belief of God and good that makes them so. As he states that all are able to create their own Lucifer within and feed on their developed power, so too can we decide to do the opposite. The dividing line between good and evil is wafer thin in all, and I feel some distancing from such believers and ‘the faithful’ is a far better standpoint for a balanced viewpoint. His ‘Lucifer’ is different things for everyone. That mankind is such a weak natured creature creates a very fertile ground for the constructs of any religion which itself is a method of governance or control. He speaks of Paganism as a primitive practice from the ancient religions. Yet speaks not of those religions, nor from where they may have taken their inspiration – the Stars, and the movements of the constellations. Our origins are to us unknown as yet, and the few that realise they may have come from other places within the cosmos are simply dubbed nutters. Count me in. Is there a one almighty God? I do not know. My ‘faith’ is an open mind, not a closed one.

    Our frustration in all things relating to governance has always been a tug of war in many directions. Self-destruction may to some seem inevitable without governance, largely because they cannot control themselves in their desire to ‘want’. I think the rot set in when we harnessed the first indiginous animal for subservience – forced labour.

    As for opinions, perhaps this will be my last on the blogosphere. Such avenues give some sort of relief, but it is failing. Just as the belief that we have lived in any kind of democratic society. Once you begin to realise the future is no longer exciting, but simply more uncertainty with an almost foregone conclusion it will get worse, there seems little point in continuing writing, talking, or even sharing. Switch off, unplug, close the bank account, pack a bag, and disappear. Irresponsible – or irresistible? No wonder so many bloggers are vanishing, you can only piss on a fire so long.

    I agree that Dr Monteith’s ideas about God provide the context of his viewpoint. I like the facts he assembles, and how he sees cause and effect. He is right in that the problem is at root a cultural one. The forces that suppress humanity, and make people despair and abandon hope, are winning.

    Religion could play a part in changing the cultural emphasis, or so could another group of thinkers who see human life in more positive terms than the imperialists who designed the terms of One World Government a hundred and more years ago.

    People have a great capacity to cooperate, to share and not be jealous – and that cultural emphasis could equally come to the fore in another period of mankind’s history. The pathway to that is greater openness. The internet is a key which could unlock that.

    Keep in touch. Write some more and keep sending me these excellent links. Thanks.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I liked Monteith’s presentation as he says that there is not really a single location of central power, but many, but that all are affected with a single cultural emphasis.

    As human behaviour is culturally derived, this would capable of change.

    The same influences have penetrated The Vatican as the other supranational bodies.

    Monteith calls them Luciferian or Satanic as he is a highly religious man. In my terms they are vicious and jealous emphases, the polar opposites of cooperative and content, which are the preferred cultural tendencies and overall the more successful ones adopted by human societies. We have the culture of war permanently established in the supranational networks.

    Those who tried to bring cultural change like JFK and RFK and many others were assassinated. An economic crash could signal a need for change to the masses – those like The Tea Party, who will grow in influence as the mess created by the banker-warriors becomes totally apparent.

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