The Corruption Of The Media.

Rahm Emanuel and one of his cronies

See how a corrupt media protects corrupt politicians.  Rahm is a croney of Obama who’s had his fingers in the till.  He doesn’t need to talk to anyone he doesn’t like.  The corrupt press keep away the guys who actually want to ask real questions.

from Brasscheck TV

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  1. Atlas shrugged says:


    The most important act of having a free mind is to keep it away from the broadcast media. Keep the TV switched off. And the radio. They set the terms of the debate on there. On the internet we do.

    Thanks for the article, Colin.

    I very much agree. However it is a mistake to believe that we set the terms of the debate even on the internet to any useful degree.

    Freedom is a state of mind.

    Speaking as an independent business man myself, the most depressing thing about the internet is how little it has actually changed anything so far. This could change, but it would seem the greatest Brain Damage is done before university, and is completed by the time the poor suckers leave their respective ‘Ministries of Truth.’

    What the internet has exposed is quite how many people seem to love their own enslavement, in fact seem to not be able to get enough of the stuff.

    This could be simply a matter of how many are now employed in the public sector compared to the past, or could reflect something far more worrying.

    Let us face it, Cameron sounds, and most likely is, more of a socialist then Tony Blair. I have little doubt that very soon, if indeed it has not already happened, members of all of our MS party’s will be telling us that, “Hitler was not such a bad guy.”

    “After all, he was a dog lover, a self confessed Internationalist and National Socialist, banned fox hunting, and smoking, was very keen on the environment, a great diplomat, sublime public speaker, worked very well with big business, was good for the economy, made the trains run on time, believed in a well equipped modern military, high employment, indeed zero unemployment, a Unified Europe, had no time for such time consuming pointless nonsense such as democracy, had great vision for the future, believed in a common currency, The Olympics, spending absolute fortunes on monumentally grand building projects, public transport, sometimes wore really smart suits, loved being dominated by women, hated most Jews, and all other small private business and property owners. OK Hitler may have been indirectly responsible for the deaths of 40 million or more people, but then, that was a long time ago, and no ones perfect”

    We know who, and what our enemy is, it seems that the vast majority either don’t, don’t want to know, or worse, kinda love Big Brother anyway, without having the slightest clue who Big Brother actually is.

    The majority would rather be a slave to an anonymous state or multi-national, then so much as lift a finger to work for someone they actually know, or see everyday.

    Society has been turned in on itself, by deliberately promoting o most if not all of mans 7 deadly sins all at the same time, by a method commonly known as SOCIALISM.

    The good news is this.

    A genuinely free individual is still free even when being tortured in a prison cell, or slowly starving to death in a government camp. Whereas a slave is still a slave, strolling through the park on a summers day.

    We still have a choice, we either sell our invaluable souls for a pocket of mumbles, or we work very hard indeed to retain a free thinking, fully conscious mind at all costs.

    Slaves don’t live, they only exist to enslave others, usually just to make themselves feel a little better. Therefore the most mind controlled of slaves make perfect CAPO’S, better known as politicians.

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