Strange Comments – Death Threats – And So On.

Two comments came in yesterday which were of interest.  The first came by email, and claimed that several attempts to comment to The Tap had been unsuccessful.  I replicate it here.  It’s not quite natural, I suspect –

I only discovered your web-site in the autumn of last year, after you wrote a short post on A. Campbell’s web-site.
What a find your site has been!  I always knew there was something very wrong about the way in which the world was being run,
but I wasn’t really sure about what exactly was going on.  I had, like a lot of people guessed it was something to do with the ultra wealthy families of this country and more especially the USA  but I had no idea of the lengths they would go to in order to achieve their goals.

May I applaud you for having the courage to put your head above the parapet, so to speak.  I would often have liked to have left a comment on some of your blogs, but google won’t accept me for some unknown reason.  Suspect this could be the case for some others also.

I think many people are aware of what is going on in terms of false flag terrorism etc. but to use that strange phrase, “at the end of the day” I’m not sure that “ordinary” people can do much if anything to stop it, sadly.
Finally, I would just add that I watched a very, very interesting video last night, I think it was on U tube, It was made be an American
named Jim Condit.  I daresay you may have already seen it.  If not, I highly recommend it.
Keep up the good work,

That’s the first time that I have come across a claim that comments can’t get through.  Maybe this email should be seen in the context of the next comment, which was sent at the same time.

The next comment was sent in by Atlas Shrugged, normally a calm and mildly critical commenter.  But this time he was uncharcateristically heated, and angry at my optimism that Labour and Conservative backbenchers might fell the European Union Bill.   The comment was not complimentary, and appeared to contain a death threat….as follows –

My text said – It’s very interesting to see Ed Miliband opposing the EU Bill. His brother would almost certainly have supported it, had he been Labour leader. The end of New Labour might be the end of the EU’s control of the House Of Commons. Let’s hope.

Atlas replied –   HA HA you must be joking surely?

Oh come of it Tap, with hope like yours, you should be spending all your available cash on lottery tickets.

I would put my money on the bill going through by at least one vote, because this is how things are done.

Our politicians have form, when it comes to all things EU. Even Thatcher herself only started to get to grips with what was really behind the EU project, when it was far too late to do anything about it.

The EU’s masters long knives soon enough did there bloody work, a lesson not forgotten by Cameron, if indeed he is in need of any. Which judging by his efforts so far, he most clearly does not need any more lessons at all.

This is why our political class are only seemingly against the EU when in opposition. They are all liars taking their orders from civil-servants, that take theirs from bodies such as The RIIA. Who don’t just think the EU is here to stay come hell or high water, they know it is.

Manipulating the democratic process, while retaining the illusion of democratic choice, is a con-trick the establishment have so successfully and repeatedly pulled off on this, as well as so many other very important issues over many decades, that they now know the pack-drill off by heart.

Take my advice and please do not hold your breath as far as waiting for the EU to destroy itself. I would not wish to see a good man like yourself, die so pointlessly in such a painful manner.

The only thing the EU has the potential to destroy is us, as well as everything we most stupidly thought we could never lose.

For even if the EU seems to have done so, all that will happen is the same thing that has already happened several times before, when the EU has so obviously messed up in the past.

Instead of getting less or no EU, we will get ever more.

They will simply claim that the reason why it failed was because the EU was not powerful enough, and use it as an excuse to give The Eu ever more powers.

If we protest that the EU is not democratically accountable at all, they will simply make it more democratic, and therefore even more powerful and less accountable.

The people running this as well as most other shows are 3 card tricksters, as well as the most experienced and well paid con artists never to have been found in front of a judge, or a jury.

Good luck with your self-delusional wishful-thinking, however I have little doubt you will eventually come down to earth.

Or am I being over sensitive?

The post that seems to have got these folk all excited couldn’t be more innocuous.  I commented on the fact that Labour and Conservative backbenches might be about to ally to defeat the EU Bill on January 12th –

Judging by the reaction to this blogpost, this situation is really bothering some people, which tells you they are worried.  I have never had such a reaction before in over five years of blogging.  See comments below.  

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29 Responses to “Strange Comments – Death Threats – And So On.”

  1. Atlas shrugged says:

    A death threat? you must be losing it.

    My dear Tap I really do think you should lean to read a little better.

    That was my attempt at humor.

    Now getting more to the point.

    If you really want to know what it is all about, then please buy the following book, and then find time to read it ASAP. It is very long and very detailed and contains just about everything you really need to know.

    Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps.

    The man is a Christian fundamentalist but please do not let this put you off. It is by far and away the best researched book on the subject to date, with real information that will scare the pants off you.

    Only be warned, you will not feel so brave after you have read it. However if you do, then my hat is well and truly off to you.

    Try you best not to let your perfectly understandable sense of paranoia get the better of you again. We have all been there, you could not even imagine what I have already been through.

    As I tried to say. Do not bother waiting for the EU to destroy itself, because you will be waiting one hell of a long time.

    Oh and BTW.

    Yes of course big money has much to do with everything, but that is not even a fraction of the story, as I hope you will shortly find out.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Just to get this clear, because I support the end of the EU, I should read a book about Vatican assassinations, and this, you believe, will stop me from writing my blog as I see fit.

    That explains your point well enough, Atlas Shrugged. What’s happened to your earlier relaxed casual style? I guess that too was a veiled threat in a way, but now you’re upping the anti.

    Surely a mere blogger is not worthy of all this attention. I don’t even get that many readers.

    What is brave about holding a viewpoint? And speculating about political events?

    I must have tweaked a vulnerable spot. My apologies. Do you think my writing about Conservative backbench MPs rebelling against the EU actually makes a hoot of a difference?

    Is this a way of threatening them, indirectly? That would make more sense, assuming one or two read my blog, which is possible, but not known to me.

  3. Sue says:

    I’m guessing the insinuation is that the distribution of power is not quite as simple as we think. The force for World Domination comes from the very top and it’s ancient organisations.

    The Greatest Lie Ever Told

  4. Tapestry says:

    Lots to take in there, Sue. Thanks for the link. This bit caught my eye –

    On Sunday 11th February 2007 on the political show ‘Sunday AM, Giles Brandreth a conservative party whip stated:

    “As a whip we understand each MP’s marital problems, their drinking problems their financial problems, we know a lot about them. We then advise and guide them to making the right decisions.”

    Do you still feel MP’s operate by their own mind and emotions? Of course they do not. This is the best I have witnessed from a politician handing you on a plate how the game of politics in truth operates. They are all via fear of their personal information being leaked; totally afraid of the whips, and so do the whips bidding, which of course is the Crown’s bidding.

    I wonder if Brandreth’s been getting at Iain Dale and was the one who persuaded him to give up blogging and join the club. They were certainly in touch recently.

  5. Sue says:

    It does seem as though any free thinking politician is soon silenced. Look at Hague for example, he was an EU sceptic until a short time ago.

    There are powers at work that we could not imagine. It goes much deeper and is more ominous than merely the EU and its totalitarian agenda.

    Bloody frightening if you ask me but better to be aware of the truth, than not.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I think Hague was always duplicitous. In 2001 he wanted to keep the Pound, but only for one Parliament. He ramped up the eurosceptic slogans to head off UKIP, who were worrying the Conservatives.

    What about Vince Cable? He hoped to trim Murdoch, and got trimmed himself.

    With the internet, the secrecy will not be possible to maintain. The OWG or the NWO should explain who they are, where they live and what they plan.

    If that happens to be the demise of three quarters of the human race, delivered through a programme of medical interventions, then we might be able to talk about if first, and agree to curb our population growth through less macabre methods. Such as the education of women.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Tap. When Mr Shrugged said he did not wish for you to die needlessly he was referring to his comment about “holding one’s breath until the EU collapsed”.

    Happy new year!

    Clarence (“off of” EU Ref)

  8. Tapestry says:

    If you follow the rest, Clarence, he is ramping up threatening language and suggestions. He’s been commenting on the blog in very different, relaxed, avuncular style for some weeks. It’s a notable change, which seems to be triggered by anger at the idea that the EU Bill might be voted down.

    Iain Dale said he stopped blogging because of aggressive and nasty comments. I must be getting up the league sufficiently to be worth being nasty to now. It’s a compliment, I suppose. Politics is a strange business.

  9. Derek says:

    Death threat(s)? The death is of this nation. Oversensitive? Yes. I saw nothing more than the point being made that continuing to hope for something from one, or a combination of other current parties to topple the EU as naivety. “Historic Alliance”?, it’s simply another facet of the same system, surely you can see that? What’s new? – Nothing. It’s the same combination lock but with different numbers. Your surprise at AS’s reaction does seem to indicate you still hold out hope for the governmental system that has kept the population under the lid for decades if not centuries. It’s OVER Tap. Many of the populace cannot – will not see it as such, as it has been their ‘comfort zone’ for most of – not only their lives but their forefathers. The government know it, why else are the police trained to act as they do towards a populace which has found writing and speaking to be of no effect or influence. They are prepared for street demonstrations despite being caught on the hop by a bunch of misguided students, and will likely not baulk at batoning the likes of me and you on the street.

    This country is in a similar situation to that which Greece is – bankrupt to the tune of 4.something trillion pounds. We are not the Greeks. But neither is the whole of the population indiginous British. Why else was the immigration program left to allow so many in – to dilute and weaken the revolt from within. Proof? Look around – forty years ago how many Mosques would you see? How many today? How many languages can you hear in the supermarket by the tills? Which country are we in?

    You are by your own words a Conservative. You are also by that admission, one who believes the current system is the right and proper system. It’s rancid Tap, it’s rotten in root and leaf, and the axmen are gathering. Just as Arctic weather can cause chaos in a day or five, it will happen suddenly, and take many by surprise. Even themselves. Then there will be much to write about.

  10. Tapestry says:

    Derek, we only have the democratic system to represent us. Why do so many discount all its efforts to nil? Past experience, yes, up to a point. As to the future, hope is an important element in planning the future. Otherwise we may as well not bother at all. There are good people in Parliament. Not all are tarred with the Blair brush.

  11. Derek says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Derek says:

    Blogger doesn’t like the amount I have written! So in two parts:

    Our present claim to Democracy is a sham. It allows the elite to govern as the voters are left to believe they can make changes through the vote. We live in a dictatorship. We live in a Police State. But it’s made to look like a democratic society because we can vote.

    We can vote out one party and get another, with all the promises of ‘change’ that are the hallmark of campaigns. But once in office nothing changes, because the core of ‘government’ remains. The Civil servants in control of advising politicians and administering the ‘system’ are the ones in control – they seldom change – and will not as they seek to provide ‘jobs for the boys’ and are remunerated at high levels from further up the chain that involves the IMF and the World Bank, Common Purpose being the designated agent in control of systems through health, schooling, local authorities and law enforcement.

    The history and pageant that this country has been proud of for generations, are the very shackles that bind us, for the masses see it all as reaching far back to King John signing the Magna Carta, followed by every consecutive monarch. They love the pageant and spectacle, and place much of their belief and reliance on the Monarch stepping in at the last minute to save us from the Civil Law of Rome. How wrong can they be.

  13. Derek says:


    The Constitution prevented the divine right of Kings. That divine right now seems to have been taken up by politicians! The very efforts you speak of in upholding that democratic right have amounted to ought, for it has been passed over to a foreign potentate with the European Communities Act of 1972, courtesy of the Conservative Edward Heath. In giving Royal Assent to that Bill, our own sovereign queen has reneged on her Coronation Oath. We are governed illegally by Brussels, we are paying them fortunes which they squander and bury with no audited accounts, and they want more.

    Which of our most recent general elections in which the people have voted has changed anything since 1972? Are the voters even aware of the flagrant deceit that has, and is being carried out against them?

    It will be doubtful that any politician will have the strength to stand up and declare same, as they will be outed a.s.a.p. by the whips and the ‘in office’ PM. Such is the power within their halls. If voting changed anything, they’d ban it. It’s ‘The Party’ first, the people last.

    Sorry about the ‘rant’, but I’m close to retiring age, and have seen more change than I ever wanted to – most for the worse. There comes a time when people give up on having any effect – witness the number of bloggers recently throwing in the towel. In just such a way have the majority of the population stopped voting. It doesn’t change anything. The best that might be said, is that it is a way of removing the worst, by replacing it with one that is perhaps less worse. Precious little will change with that reason for voting. We need a ‘Gunpowder Plot’ that removes the present system, and replaces it with something along the lines of the Swiss experience. It will not be any ‘Guy Fawkes’ that gets burnt, but the system that is suppressing the will of the people. This is the historic move that is needed now.

    I have never been politically active nor historically knowledgeable all my life. But the past seven years have led to an awakening, and I see ugliness all around.

  14. Twig says:

    I agree that the “death threat” was just a flippant comment relating to the “don’t hold your breath…” remark. It’s easy to take this kind of thing too literally when it’s aimed at you.

    I too have never shared your faith in Cast Iron Dave, and I believe that events have confirmed that he is a seller of snake oil. I understand your desire to see the Tory right regain control of the party, but I think they’re too far gone and the only way forward is UKIP. From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow.

    The Tories won’t be voting down any EU proposals any time soon, and so we all need to stand up and be counted.

  15. Tapestry says:

    The vote on January 12th will give us the picture. To retain hope in the Conservative Party, and in Parliament, or to lose it.

    Unnecessarily aggressive language is the stuff of politics, and blogs. It is surprising when it comes from a formerly intelligent-sounding commenter.

  16. Twig says:

    Agreed, let’s see what happens on the 12th, but five pounds says you’ll be disappointed.

    As for aggressive language I know what you mean, but read the Atlas comment again in a weeks time and you’ll probably see it for what it is, hyperbole.

    The bottom line is that you don’t trust Cameron, Atlas doesn’t and I don’t. At least we can agree on that.

  17. Tapestry says:

    If the Conservative backbenchers fail to come up with anything substantive, the game moves on to UKIP.

    But that game is to get UKIP support up from 5% to above 10% and then do what the Lib Dems did – and form a coalition with the Conservative Party.

    That would be an achievable objective. Aspiring to a UKIP majority is not.

  18. Tapestry says:

    The vote is on the 11th January apparently.

  19. Twig says:

    Yes, we have a mountain to climb, but according to the old Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

  20. Tapestry says:

    ..yes and that step will betaken by Conservative backbenchers if they flunk resistance to the EU Bill. It’s the Rubicon that needs crossing for many. This will be the moment of decision.

  21. Blimey Mr Tap, you are a sensitive chap.

    There was nothing in Atlas Shrugged’s comments what were either aggressive nor threatening. Most of of it appeared to be friendly advice.

    As for defeating the EU Bill, my money’s on the Bill going through by a whisker. These things always do.

  22. BRIT says:

    It seems a lot of bloggers know that something is wrong but not exactly what.Regarding the leaders of our nations, please consider this; both the Treason Act,1351 and The Treason and Felony Act,1848 are both clear on the fact that NO ONE, be it Royal,House of Lords, House of Commons or whoever,NO ONE has the right to give away the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. Tony Blair committed treason by signing The Amsterdam Treaty in 1997.In 1998, he repealed part of The Treason Act, hidden in The Crime and Disorder Act,1998, clause 36.3 to avoid a treason charge. Gordon Brown and Caroline Flint both signed The Lisbon Treaty, which I suspect falls foul of the same law. By the same token, Cameron and partners are also guilty as the treason act states that anyone giving aid or help are also guilty of the same charge of treason. When justice is served, all should be revealed. Should we manage to remove this corrupt banking system we may start to find true democracy.

  23. Derek says:

    I believe Brit is quite correct on the score of treason. There have been reports lodged by some members of the public against certain persons in high authority for Misprision of Treason. To date, and to my knowledge, none have got anywhere. They are filed, passed to higher levels, lost, and ignored. But at some point, and with persistence, maybe it will pay off. But until the police and the judiciary is cleansed of bias and malpractice, it’s going to be a long haul.

  24. Tapestry says:

    I checked a couple of sites about this, Derek. This one is interesting.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sadly I think Derek is spot on with his analysis. I have come to almost exactly similar conclusions over the past decade.
    I’m not such a conspiracist as to think our democracy started as a malevolent plot, I think it started as a genuine and good try at a fair democratic system.
    However internal presures and external influences have fully subverted it, to the extent that the system, now international in scope, takes care of its own and does whetever it needs,irrespective of the people.

  26. Derek says:

    Thanks Anon. And to Tap for that page on their website – it’s not one I have found before though I have the tpuc bookmarked, but essentially all true as far as I can tell.

    Perhaps the Union Jack should be inverted for ‘Ship in Distress’, but with reference to the Nation.

    The visible countryside is not likely to change, though the thought of useless wind turbines is appalling – however their uselessness will soon see them corroding and demolished. What’s worse is how the people will suffer, and we’ve seen nothing yet. I can envisage a land of secretive poachers living on the move and forever hiding from paramilitary police; roads overgrown with grasses and weeds, tarmac crumbling under frost and rain. Empty housing estates, and high security fences and electronic surveillance around those with money, their ‘in-house’ security guards without families due to the sterilisation program enabled by vaccination and state water supply. Underground resistance, ‘black’ markets.

    Pure conjecture of course. But how much of what we accept today would seem conjecture to people in their prime at the eve of the LAST century? Their worst was also yet to come.

  27. BRIT says:

    Tapestry, the latest blog by “Derek is not far off the mark. The following is taken from “Stunning Statistics” by Jack Black;
    The artificial sweetner,Aspartame, is marketed as Nutrasweet, Equal and Spoonful..It is usedin many foodstuffs and almost every soft drink. Since it’s introduction in 1981 it has been the subject of many complaints reported to the Adverse Reaction Monitors of the US Food and Drugs Administration. In an article published in thr Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, John W. Olney said that animal studies revealed high levels of brain tumours in Aspartame-fed rats.
    Just bafore Aspartame was legalised, a commissioner of the FDA six oother operatives and two attorneys assigned to prosecute Nutrasweet for submitting fraudulent tests, left the organisation to work for a Nutasweet company.
    Coca-Colaknew of the adangers of Aspartame because it originally opposed aproval by the FDA. Indeed, it’s objections were published in the Congressional Record. It said that Aspartame was inherantly unstable and brakes down in the can, decomposing into methyl alcohol, formic acid, fomaldehide and other toxins.
    And yet Aspartame, which is tremendously addictive, is found in every Diet Coke can.
    G.D.Searle was the company behind Aspastame.When news leaked out alleging this company had falsified Aspartames test results, Congress pledged 60 million dollars for the prosecution of the firms Chairman. However, the Reagan administration closed ranks and prevented the trial of one of their own from taking place. The Chairman of G.D.Searle at the time was Donald Rumsfeld who, until recently, was George Bush’s Defence Secretary and one of the leading hawks who took us to war with Iraq.
    G.D.Searle is a subsidiary of Monsanto Products, the largest genetic engineering company in the world.Monsanto owns the Nutrasweet and Equal brands. The US firm, Paradigm Genetics,has been a partner with Monsanto in trials ofGM technology.Innotech has a 12.4 stake in Paradigm Genetics.
    Lord Sainsbury, owner of the supermarket chain and Tony Blair’s former Science Minister, owns Innotech.

  28. BRIT says:

    A few more observations about Monsanto. They have cloned just about every domestic animal and such things as salmon (yes, the fish). They have genetically engineered such basic staples as rice and wheat (neither of which will propagate the following season, the farmer must buy new seed from Monsanto). They have also patented these things.
    Within the last month the uk gov’t has announced that GM and cloned food products WILL NOT BE LABELED ANY DIFFERENTLY FROM NATURAL FOODS.
    Wikileaks has just disclosed that the US Ambassador to France demanded retaliation against the French people for refusing GM grain. A good place to visit on the web is Max Keiser’s page and see his videos.

  29. Tapestry says:

    To cap it all, I can’t get access to write my blog this morning. But I can place a title and a comment, so I’ll do that.

    I might have to migrate to another format if this continues which would be a bind.

    I had to do that three years ago when this blog was blocked for six months.

    Or I’ll just keep writing a headline followed by no post but only comments.

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