British Police Walk Dangerously

Why are the Police throwing a legitimate candidate out of the hustings in Oldham?  Has he committed a crime?  Apparently not.  He is evicted because the State doesn’t like his Party standing for election.  That party is the only party that wants Britain to quit fighting wars on behalf of the One World Government in the so-called War On Terror, and bring the troops home permanently.

BNP Oldham.  They have some good policies, and some rather odd ones.  What right has the Police to silence these folk?

That Party is the BNP, not my favourite, but they have every right to be heard.

The Police have no right to interfere in the democratic process.

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  1. Twig says:

    I just had a look at the video.
    Now that’s what I call fascism.
    Has this been on the TV news (if that’s not a silly question)?

    I guess most of the people of Oldham wouldn’t even be aware of it.

    What a disgrace.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no time for the BNP, but I’m not surprised that the other candidates didn’t want to share a platform with them.

    For one thing, as soon as they appear together more voters will become aware that the BNP is standing – and will probably take votes from the LibLabCon.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Throwing a candidate off the hustings for no sound reason does not seem too clever, in fact is an appalling thing to do. It feeds the BNP claim that they are being unfairly suppressed and they will go around giving off aroma of the burned martyr.

    The best thing is to let them speak as, when they do, they come across quite muddled up. When they actually get the chance to speak with their phrases such as the ‘original British’, you start thinking ‘Who were they?’ The Welsh?!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems you’re another one who thinks the Englisc, Scots, Welsh and Irish are non-peoples.

    Non-people have no history – no heritage. So they never did anything? All history begins in 1948, does it, Mr The Tap Blog?

    You know the Moari aren’t originally from New Zealand, they’re East Polynesians. They arrived in New Zealand around 1280AD.

    Thing is, they were given ‘indigenous peoples’ status by the UN a few years ago. I know some Englisc folk who have older ancestry (documented) in these Islands than the Moari have in New Zealand.

    I am not a member of the BNP, or any political group for that matter. I am Englisc, I love my people, I love England. Take the piss if you like, our day will come.

    Steve (Englisc Witness)

  5. Atlas shrugged says:

    You forget how our party political system actually ‘works’.

    It does not work for a start off, and this is largely the reason why.

    The last possible thing anyone should ever do is start a new political party. Of course ordinary people never actually start anything, the establishment does it for them, using lots of cash and largely unwitting stooges.

    For our democratic system to work anything like we may wish it to, without root and branch constitutional reform that would make the American Constitution look like a Girl Guide’s Charter, the population must either vote Conservative, or Labour or preferably not at all.

    All that parties such as The UKIP and The BNP have done is make libertarianism and nationalism respectively and democratically extinct.

    Which is why the establishment set both of them up, and provide both of them with funds.

    Come on Tap you are not seriously going to tell me that an establishment that can build things such as HAARP, while keeping it a virtual secret for 30 years, can’t subvert a few minor political parties for a relative few pence?

    Of course they can, and so of course they have. Would not you do the same if you were on a mission from hell to wipe both libertarianism and nationalism off the face of the entire planet?

    I know, I would.

    I salute your hard work and effort, however this rabbit hole goes a whole lot deeper then I believe you give it credit for.

  6. Tapestry says:

    anonymous, I was born in Wales, and have thousand year old identifiable Welsh ancestry living here in the same village I am living in today. Most of the rest of me is Scottish. Count me in to the Celtic revival.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Atlas, that is the interesting thing about UKIP. They are heavily penetrated to my knowledge, and I knew who some of the plants were. They assisted my campaign to make UKIP more effective in 2001, doubtless because they wanted the Conservatives held down. No doubt the plants that were since thrown out have been reseeded.

    But this is no different to all the other parties. But events still swing things away from their control occasionally, and then they are pushed back onto their other interventions, assassination, media manipulation and so on.

    The BNP are no threat at all, but they have to be demonised, as they stand to bring Britihs troops out of all OWG wars, and that policy becoming mainstream is what bothers them.

  8. BRIT says:

    Oh dear, Tap,
    It seems that you and Anonymous really are way behind.
    1/Early Day Motion (EDM) 1299,
    RIGHTS OF TRIBAL AND INDIGENOUS PEOPLES; ETC. (and goes on to say why and whom requesting this motion) and half way through the motion is this “notes the Governments continued refusal to put these rights on a firm legal footing and ratify Convention 169, on the grounds that there are NO indigenous peoples in the United Kingdom; etc. etc.
    This is own (supposedly) Government denying the rights of the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish any claim to these islands.

  9. BRIT says:

    Speaking from experience as a BNP active member, I can assure you that this is a regular type of occurance in some areas, notably South Wales, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, and lots of Lancashire towns. Indeed, towards the end of last year some activists took the South Wales police to court for wrongfull arrest, whereupon the police settled out of court 3 days before the trial. Comming up to Christmas, a gang of 8 UAF thugs trashed a stall in liverpool manned by a couple of middle aged men and an old woman. The police arrested the 8, then arrested the three BNP.
    The UAF, along with Hope not Hate, are funded by Searchlight (an extreme left wing bunch of nasties who are themselves funded by the Tories, New Labour, Unite union and Unison.
    A lot of people think that ACPO,(Association of Chief Police Officers) are part of the police force but in actual fact they are a private company who, under Gordon Brown, saw their subsidy rise from 17 million to 70 million.

  10. BRIT says:

    Atlas and Tap,
    It is obvious that you swallow hook, line and sinker all the lies and misrepresentation that other parties/media put out, knowing full well how bent these sources are. Do you never ask yourselves “WHY” is it just the BNP?. No one demonises the English Democrats, Ukip, the Socialist Party or even each other. The “Hope no Hate” and the UAF only exist for one thing, to attack the BNP.
    If you wish to attack the party through Nick Griffin, just think on, he is not the Party, just one member (albeit at the moment the CEO) who can be challenged by ANY qualifying member (a 2yr. probationary period is mandatory). We are also the most democratic party in the UK. You delude yourself if you think that you have multiple choice of politics. You either vote for a OWG proxy. or you vote for the British National Party, the last spark of democracy and freedom in our country.

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