Bilderberger Balls Replaces Union Johnson

Balls is the Bilderberger. Johnson’s private life is only an excuse. Euro-stopping, union-backed Ed Miliband pipped OWG David to the leadership, and, as a result, Labour have become less of a sell-out to the EU, the Euro and especially the wars on terror. Left-wingery is in danger of retaking control of the ‘Left’.
The idea of a Tory/Lib Dem coalition being easily the largest party and in the thrall of the OWG under Clegg and Cameron hasn’t quite worked. Too many Libs have slipped away (66%), and not a few Conservatives (10% went to UKIP at O&S). The chances of power flipping at the next election are high.
The OWG will want to remove as much authority from Ed Miliband as they can. Johnson’s removal from the Chancellorship and his replacement with Balls is a step in the right direction for the reimposition of control over the Labour Party. Balls is the most frequent attender of Bilderberg in the Party, the OWG stooge in the Brown camp, ensuring Gordon got media and financial support, as long as he kept supporting the wars.
Cameron/Clegg/Osborne won’t be too bothered. The last thing they want is too much democracy breaking out in any form, especially amongst the opposition. Balls will likely get media support in any tussle with Miliband. Watch not any theatre with Osborne which will be staged to keep all enthralled. The real fight, and the reason for Johnson’s media assassination, is to prevent any form of political idealism from taking over the Party in opposition under Ed Miliband, and keep its tendency to oppose war and towards independence in check.  The OWG has manoeuvred its man into place.  The hope of Labour stopping the takeover of Britain under Miliband E. is lessened.

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